Friday 30 March 2018

The animal kingdom don’t like association with low class humans.

Write all you want with your opinions and imaginations. It won’t fall under the fake news definition,. Just don’t slander or call someone a baboon or donkey or a dog. The animal kingdom don’t like association with low class humans. 
At some stage the government of my beautiful country must grow up. This constant desperate need to push through legislation undebated or hardly debated, thereby allowing it to pass without the required scrutiny will both hurt civil society and diminish our already retarded potential. It only shows desperation, and reeks of bad faith. If you already have the majority, why fear a proper debate, why fear real scrutiny of legislation that may impact all aspects of society ? You’ll still be able to pass it. The world watches now in absolute incredulity at Malaysia. We are famous for all the wrong reasons. Not because we had legendary Judges known throughout Asia and the Commonwealth. Not because we were the leaders in Rubber and Palm Oil technology. Not because we have the most ancient rainforest in the world. And certainly not because we have the most amazing multicultural, multi religious, multi lingual people in the world. No....none of the above is what we are now famous for. We are famous for losing planes, a tubby Penang boy, multi billion dollar scandals and of course a billion ringgit big ass boat (owned by the tubby Penang boy). And in parliament, we have a situation that looks like a bow tied indiscernible clown has taken over the role of Speaker. And for the record, this is not fake news, this is not news. It’s merely an opinion and a rant. And from my last check, I’m still constitutionally allowed to rant, have an opinion, and call some politicians monkeys- which I won’t as I have high regard for monkeys. 
Welcome to Malaysia and have a nice day!
Vinod Sekhar

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