Monday 2 August 2010

Cakap Cakap: AG's comedy of Errors : Sodomy Two

When are we going to see the end of this comedy of errors with the requisite happy resolution of the conflict after all the chaos and foolish mistakes routinely brought upon us by the farcical Attorney General’s office - which seems to derive its inspirations from Fawlty Towers!

Now mercifully it seems that the High Court might end the nations misery when it hears Anwar’s application to strike out the case on this August 9th.

Reason: Prosecution not impartial and compromised due to an affair between complainant Saiful Bukhari and Deputy Public Prosecutor Farah Azlina.

And to further heap adversity upon our AG’s judicial crown, key documents were not surrendered to the defense and two Australian DNA experts who arrived in KL yesterday were not able to study the relevant documents!

This AG must be part of the chain of command in the Charge of the Light Brigade:

Half a league half a league,
Half a league onward,
All in the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred:
'Forward, the Light Brigade!
Charge for the guns' he said:
Into the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred.

Hopefully he is herding all of those tainted Judiciary cohorts together with him into the Valley of Death. They deserve nothing less!


  1. Hi Hussein,

    We oppressed Malaysians got some visible support from UK - London joints Malaysia in Protest Against 50 years of Internal Security Act Oppression and we are mighty grateful for it. Any chance that there may be similar support from Australia? We need all the support we can get against this evil UMNO/BN regime. See what they did at the Police break up anti-ISA vigils, arrest 30 in PJ, 3 in Penang

  2. I aware of what is happening in London. While i have the inclination and the time to do the same over here circumstances does not allow me to do so. But it is still a work in progress. regards.


  3. Hahaha LOL !

    Malaysia bolih ! First thing to do when Pakatan enters Putrajaya in 1 year or 2 is to hang the obese AG then the Ex IGP...followed by the rest