Sunday 22 May 2011

cakap cakap...The Long Goodbye


I have walked away from many things in my life. 
In the main it was from a life I did not wish to live. 
Selfishly it has been easy for me to walk away from whatever it was I did not agree with. 
Sometimes I do wonder if I should had taken roots in the places that I had lived : Penang, Kuala Lumpur, London, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide : And if I did what would it have made my life into? 
But I had grown accustom to the excitement of new surroundings every few years of my life. 
New beginnings promise so much.

But in doing so I have walked away from two people that I love: My Father and Mother : Walked away from them long before my time with them should have been over. 
And to both of them I have never said my goodbyes. 
No regrets but there is this dull ache within me that reminds me that I could have had more time with them if I chooses to do so. 
And so to those of you that do have “issues” with your Father and Mother, with those that you love, take time out to ponder. 
Death is so final. 
There is no going back. 
There is no “another time”. 
There is only the long goodbye.

I have made my peace with myself in not saying goodbye to my parents. 
There is no forgiving my over sight, only a promise I made to myself to not do the same to those that I love who are still with me.     


  1. Dear sir,

    I have been following your blog for a while now and as what you pointed out, I do not agree with your views at times but fundamentally, we should agree that at times, we can disagree with each other. In the current context, anyone who disagree with the BN Govt is labelled a traitor, and is disloyal to the country. And the MSM are propagating their lies and deceit.

    As one of the silent majority, I do feel ashame that we are not doing enough. I do my fair share of donating to the opposition parties and execising my right to vote but I believe there is much more we can do. We have all kept our peace and silence for too long because most of us are HOPING that things will change for the better. But will it? The rural folks are quite ignorant about the follies of BN and realistically, BN will still rule albeit with a lower majority after GE13. UNLESS there is a seismic shift in the rural votes.

    As you said, you and I equals 2. where else can we find the other the rest?

  2. Penang,KL,London,Perth,Sydney,Melbourne,Adelaide-all sound so exciting and interesting and a Greek wife to add,I wish I had the same opportunity to do just that back then but then again I dont think I have the guts to venture out like you do,so my faith was sealed and here I am in Kb,Kelantan stuck with four schoolgoing kids and a wife who seem to be drifting further apart every each day.How different it is with each and everyone of us with regard to the way life treat us? Now a year short of my 50th birthday,my life was a mess with no fixed career and income and worst of all no love from the dorm mate.With the exception of being responsible to the children,all seem doomed but like they said here in Kelantan,JANGAN PUTUS ASA,PUTUS ITIK TAK APA.Salam bro, just be sure to keep the love to the other half fresh all season long.

  3. Shuk we were living in Pengkalan Chepa - right beside the airport for a while and I was at SIC. Spend a lot of time with my father hunting squrrells and biawak in the nearby kampong. Good memories. You take care.