Sunday 22 May 2011


Is this the best marriage proposal ever?
A video uploaded on May 16 has taken the web by storm, showing how romantic Matt still proposed to his girlfriend by filming a special trailer.
The girlfriend, Ginny Joiner, had no idea that there was going to be a special preview just for her as she sat down next to her brother to watch Fast and Furious Five.
The trailer begins with Matt and Ginny's father hidden off camera but with the romantic asking the father for permission to marry his daughter. As the trailer continues, you can see Ginny's reactions in a small inset.
Slowly, as the trailer continues, Ginny realises who it is, bursting into tears. Matt then makes a mad dash for the cinemas before asking her to marry him in front of the entire audience.
The video has already garnered five million views on Youtube.

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