Tuesday 17 May 2011

PDRM anjing UMNO?

PDRM is getting into the Carcosa porno caper with a porno video of their very own just about to pop out as soon as their political master tell them to do so. This IGP is a fast learner and getting to understand the “need to do” things he has to do to stay on the good side of his political masters.

During Tun Haniff’s time as IGP there were ample opportunities for him to get onto the good books of Mahathir by pandering to Mahathir’s wishes but that never ever did happen. What the Police uncovered in their investigation of people “of interest” to them they kept and uses only when it was relevant to the case they were investigating. Tun Haniff and the then PDRM served the Public, not the Politicians of the day. PDRM was not a tool for politicians to use against the opposition. Tun Haniff did not serve politicians, nor did PDRM. But of course being a law enforcement agency they work under the government of the day. But they know what is right and what is wrong.

This is no longer the case. Politicking within PDRM has compromised the independence of not only the IGP but also the Heads of the various Departments – especially CID, Internal Security, Special Branch and Commercial Crimes. UMNO have their mole within these departments and they report not to the IGP or their Department Heads but to UMNO. And because they report to UMNO they are a law upon themselves  - confident that their political masters protect them. They now use their access to information within PDRM to barter for favours, increase their promotion prospects and for financial gains! In this kind of situation the IGP and the Heads of Departments are no longer able to be sure of what UMNO knows or do not know. As we know access to information is power personified in the hands of the unscrupulous.

And so I come to what will happen next with DSAI.

We know that if required the Police can come up with enough evidence to convict the Pope of some offence. When required evidence are miraculously manufactured from thin air, facts are presented with affidavits and statutory declarations provided to attest to its authenticity. Relevant parties can be persuaded to recant previous statements or when all else fails, they can be made to disappear or simply cease to exist. And of course there is always that fail-safe option: the AG.

Now the current sodomy case will take its time to get to the stage where DSAI is taken out of circulation. Without that being done he still presents a threat to Barisan Nasional. Not a nuisance but a real threat to its chances of winning the 13th GE. And so UMNO goes back to PDRM. Back to its moles within PDRM and makes known it’s wished for another “Carcosa” like situation to be ready when they need to tie up DSAI in another legal situation. Say what you like but we all know that every time that happens DSAI takes a hit, PKR takes a hit and Pakatan Rakyat takes a hit and of course Justice in Malaysia takes a hit too.

If PDRM insists upon prostituting itself to do UMNO’s bidding: If the moles within PDRM keeps feeding UMNO with information that are used by UMNO for their own vested interest: Then where will all this end? A PDRM that serves only UMNO?

I know that there is nothing I can do alone. I know there is nothing you can do alone. But if we have the numbers, and if we are able to get ourself organized into the critical mass, we can then send a message to UMNO and PDRM that we will not allow for this to happen again and again: Not because it is DSAI today but because tomorrow it could be any one of us! And yet even as I write this I despair at the inability of our people to move together when it is needed. Make no mistake that this is our fight, not just DSAI and Pakatan Rakyat.      
You are one. With me we are two!

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  1. Its really is astonishing how rotten this PDRM really are-right from the very top to the bottom but then again did not the majority of Malaysian?