Monday 23 May 2011


Islamic leaders question non-Muslim rights

May 22, 2011
KUALA LUMPUR, May 22 – Several Islamic leaders have questioned the loyalty of non-Muslims in the country, declaring today the community’s rights must be re-evaluated if Malaysia is to call itself an Islamic state.
Former president of Islamic Da’wah Foundation Malaysia (Yadim), Datuk Nakhaie Ahmad, said treatment of non-Muslims must be based on the social contract agreed and pointed out that the government has been too gracious to the community.
“In attempts to get vote and support of non-Muslims, we have been very gracious in giving them their civil rights. Civil rights given to them includes the rights to vote, participation in politics, hold office, involvement in the military and so forth but we cannot just willingly give them everything.
“Our offer must be based on religious practices. If we look at the prophet’s agreement in the Madinah constitution, civil rights were given to the Jews but the rights must be paid back with responsibility. They must have the responsibility and agree to defend our country and not insult the agreement,” he said during a forum here.

steadyaku47 comment:

What can the non-Muslim do if Barisan Nasional, under instructions from UMNO, legislates to take away the civic rights of non-Muslim? Take away the rights of non-Muslim to vote in the general election – in any election in Malaysia? Take away the right to participate in politic, hold office, involvement in the military and hold Malaysian citizenship? All in the name of protecting the interest of all Malays. All Muslim?

And what if Barisan Nasional legislates, under instruction from UMNO, that these civic rights will only be given to Muslims who are Malays only!

And here is the reality. There is nothing the non-Malays and the non-Muslim can do! Not a single bloody thing! UMNO controls the Armed forces – Army, Navy and Air Force. UMNO controls PDRM. For good measure there is RELA and any other government department and machinery that would be required to dominate and exert effective control over the total population of Malaysia. And of course the Malays numerically out number the other races in Malaysia.  Checkmate the non-Malays. Checkmate the non-Muslims.

So what’s me worry in as far as UMNO is concern?

I put it to you that UMNO’s worry will be the Malays themselves! The Malays are no longer beholden to UMNO. There are too many Malays who see themselves outside UMNO. Too many Malays who will not tolerate any attempts by UMNO to do this in the name of the Malays! And these Malays will know that this is purely an attempt by UMNO to seize power for themself not for the Malays. The racial and religious factor is merely a convenient means to an end. Not only will these Malays vocalize their dissent but they will consider it their duty to stop this atrocity from happening.

It is an insult to the non-Malays to talk about a social contract. To question their readiness to defend Malaysia against external aggression. Hell it would be more real to say that what we have to defend Malaysia against are Malaysians who accuse other Malaysians of being enemies of the state and enemies of Islam. And they do so for their own vested interest to create chaos and turmoil in Malaysia for their own vested interest – and their interest is to dominate politically.

It has nothing to do with Islam, nothing to do with a Caliphate state based on divine revelation and a constitution based on the Quran and on prophetic traditions. 

Anybody who talks about taking away the civic rights of any citizens of Malaysia is out to make mischief and cause racial strife. They must be mad to think that this sort of talk will not bring trouble to our nation. And they think that by doing so they are advancing the cause of UMNO, the Malays and Islam. Huh!

Are we again to have morons with headbands running amok with parangs, keris and guns killing any Chinese and Indians they meet in the street? And of course children, women and the elderly will be their first wave of victims. Are the Chinese and Indians then to go seeking Malays who are living amongst them and start hacking these Malays in retaliation for what other Malays have done? Then the Armed forces are brought in to “maintain order and peace” a euphemism for “go kill the non-Malays” and while all this is happening those same bastards that instigated these racial killings are busy taking political power and dividing the spoils of a racial war amongst themselves!

And if you non-Malay thinks that we Malays will sit quietly and allow UMNO to do this  - then you must be out of your mind. I tell you this: There are enough Malays and non-Malays in this beloved country of ours that will move with great determination and resolve to ensure that this scenario will never happen or be allowed to see the light of day. No more, no more, no more! Enough killing!

So if UMNO and these religious morons think that they can take away the civic rights of any citizens of this country in the name of Islam and the Malays then I urge them to think again. UMNO is UMNO. UMNO does not talk for the Malays. Do not think that it is possible to take this country of ours to the brink by threatening to take the civic rights of any citizens in this country. We will call your bluff and then proceed to ensure that neither race nor religion will ever cause chaos and strife in this nation again.

Be rest assured that when push comes to shove, there will be enough of us to bring sanity to our nation. There are enough Malays in the Armed forces now who will not be part of any political cleansing of any race. Enough sensible people in PDRM to stop the senseless killing of women, children and the elderly be they of any race. And best of all I am comfortable in the solidarity the people have shown in the last general election to know that when asked, the Rakyat will respond with common sense and rationality. With a sense of purpose to make the politicians understand that they will not be allowed to have their way with us! You are one. With me we are two. Who else will join us? MERDEKA.  


  1. We ran a Chinese restaurant 1976 in Hamburg Germany called "Kuala Lumpur".Virtually none of our customers knew where KL is. We could have named it "Peking", Hongkong", even by the name "Singapore" will better known to many German. No, we insisted the restaurant shld name "Kuala Lumpur" even it's difficult for our customers to remember and found difficulty to explain where it is.We can claimed it was a first restaurant named after KL in Germany at least. If not the whole of Europe.That show our passion where we come from.My cousin brother and I were Malaysia born Chinese a so called "Pendatang" according to those racist Umnos.Someone out there pls show me was there any Malay restaurant called by the name of KL or Msia as far as 1976 in Europe.Wanna test my loyalty ? Send me and my Malaysia born Chinese fellows to the battle front. You racist Umno don't even dare to train us how to handle a weapon in the army.

  2. If they really stupidly think that's the best idea, they should ask the govt to:
    1. Get all the non-Muslims out of the country
    2. Either that or Sabah or Penang to be seceded to them as a place to live.
    With one condition:
    All the non-Muslims must be allowed to take all their assets out of the country.
    Let's see how Malaysia fares then.