Wednesday 18 May 2011

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Another One Dead.

By Syed Akbar Ali
Ex-cop dies in bid to escape Jawi at hotel

"KUALA LUMPUR: A former policeman who was trying to evade being nabbed by the Federal Territory Islamic Affairs Department (Jawi) for khalwat (close proximity) died after he slipped and fell from of his hotel room. . . It is learnt that the 62-year-old deceased was with a 50-year-old woman in the room on the 16th floor of the hotel here when Jawi officials came knocking at about 3am yesterday."
So are we happy now? Another human being has died, trying to run away from the morality goons. Yang mati pula orang Islam lagi. Whether you agree or not, the Muslims cause the deaths of other Muslims. (Because obviously the man died trying to run away from other Muslims).
So are the Muslims happy today? Seorang lagi orang Islam sudah mati. The man probably had his family, friends, community, a home and property. Now he is dead.
I am curious, will the JAWI fellows who were chasing after him attend the funeral?Tak baca Yasin ke? But isnt that a good thing to do ? To go to peoples' funerals and baca Yasin? So shouldnt the JAWI send a delegation to attend the funeral and at least baca Yasin?
I have highlighted this before. The word khalwat is not even found in the Quran.
Muslims are committing worse crimes like munafik-ism or hypocrisy. That one fellow has even been caught on video tape yet the "tin sadin" fellow says anyone who shows the video will not go to heaven !! Evidence has been presented in Court and yet they say 'we wont believe'. When it suits them, the same people have gone to the same Courts for other purposes (for example to sue other people for RM100.0 million).
So do you all think other people, especially the non Muslims cannot see all this? They are laughing at you lah. Malu lah. And do you think God is on your side? Better think again.
I dont know how much longer the Muslims are going to behave like this? Kenapa lah suka sangat hidup susah?
Surah 20:2 "We did not reveal the Quran to you, to cause you any hardship".
So why make life so difficult?

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  1. What 'beef' with Islam did this man has to come with such judgements and blames?

    It totally misses him that the Islamic system that he is criticising is the Islam as endorsed by the Raja-raja Melayu a.k.a. UMNO school of Islam?

    There the inconsistencies, the irrationalities, etc are thus explained!

    This is the thinking and intellect of the man in just recent time appointed by the Government to advise the MACC.

    I know of people having similar thinking and intellect have been appointed to be judges.

    Can DSAI ever have a chance in a Malaysian court?