Wednesday 25 May 2011

MCKK is Falling down, falling down, falling down....


  1. There are so many ministers, top civil servants and corporate leaders who have benefited tremendously from the stint at the MCKK. To many of these bigshot personalities, giving a million or two is like donating small change. Don't they have enough pride to want to do something to upkeep and maintain this institution?

  2. Bayi, there are too many 'other priorities' lah.

    A million or two can buy a luxury house or apartment (depending on location), can have another wife, and/or a luxury car.

    MCKK will definitely be looked after by the government because as Ministers or other VVIPs, they have the powers to direct so.

  3. KS, that was more like tongue-in-cheek rant. :)

    Many of these bigshots who have made it in life do not have a proportional sense of gratitude, like kacang lupa kulit.

    It may not even come as a surprise that a number of these bigshots have scholarship loans yet to be paid. :)

  4. Talk about BN forgotting its roots and all. Talk about biji forgetting its kulit. Talk about the Sultan of Perak himself being too distant from his own subjects.......RAHMAN legacy is coming apart for sure!