Friday 27 May 2011

cakap cakap...wither am I going?

What am I trying to do with steadyaku47? I have said that my blog is a work in progress and sometimes it meanders along merrily without a sense of direction. Sometimes I get carried away with the flavour of the day, week or month and starts focussing on issues. Sometimes I get writer’s block and even can do a u-turn or gostan. And as some of you know there are times when I get into my F1 mode…write articles after articles after articles…..crazy me!

But I think the time has come for us to try and move hearts and minds of the people. We have all had our fill of financial and sexual scandals. Murders and beatings by PDRM and MACC. How adroit (cleverly skillful, resourceful, or ingenious) our Barisan Nasional politicians are at taking what does not belong to them. P&C documents are being put into the public domain for us to peruse at our leisure. All these are being thrown at us at the speed of light. So many to read and so little time.

What I think we should try and do now is to try and engage people in conversation, discussions and constructive arguments on issues that will have a bearing on the 13th general election that is barely a stone throw away. What is Pakatan Rakyat doing wrong? What is it doing right? Will PAS leave PR to join UMNO? Will the DAP be more racially balanced? If yes, why? If no, why? Has PKR got its act together now? What is Selangor contributing to the coffers of PR? So many questions I want ask and yet I am discussing it with Saya, Me and Myself! So please send me your questions and I will post them here and hope we will start our discussions please....

Here is my first question and my answer. 

How can three political organization with significant fundamental differences in ideology, without much money, resources and logistics capability come together into a cohesive unit capable of making possibilities into realities?

The possibilities that nobody will be allowed to revoke the civil liberties of any citizens of our country at the whims and fancies of religious zealots to serve the political interest of ANY party!

The possibilities of making sure that our country will no longer be a refuge for corrupt politicians to steal plunder and pillage what rightly belongs to the people of this country while holding high public office.

The possibilities to make sure that the people of this country will no longer have to fear what the future will bring. No more racial profiling, and the use of race or religion to divide and rule!

How do we make these possibilities into realities with PR?

The same way we did for them in the 12 general elections.

You are one. With me we are two, who else will join us?

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  1. The thing with PR is the vulnerability of PKR,we all know that the malays in PKR previously belong to the corrupt UMNO,the indians from the useless MIC and the chinese from the pak turut MCA,so most of PKR members are peoples with questionable conduct wheres PAS and DAP members were people who are well known to stand hardship,harassment and what not! They are also very loyal to their party.So I think nobody can question PAS and DAP members if they are wary of the commitment by PKR members.They have shown how weak they are in their recent party election and before that the vulnerability of some their MPs who can easily be bought over by the corrupt BN govermant.These are the things that need to be addressed and solve out by the top leaders in PR and of course we as supporters have every right to voice out our concerned with the antics shown by those MPs and members of PKR?