Tuesday 24 May 2011

cakap cakap : The Ugly Malaysian

Everything I do, I feel is genius. Whether it is or it isn't
Rufus Wainwright 


  1. ass hole showing his ass............

  2. There is no reason to act against Perkasa chief, says the minister, as 'society is mature enough to know a clown when it sees one'.
    - nazri the king of the clowns -

  3. I will never hesitate from criticizing for the betterment of this nation, whatever regime can have the power.
    --Dawit Kebede, journalist
    Ethiopian journalist Dawit Kebede spent 21 months in a crammed jail, losing his freedom for speaking his mind.

  4. The belief in a supernatural source of evil is unnecessary; men alone are quite capable of every wickedness. - Joseph Conrad, Under Western Eyes, 1911

  5. Man can be a god.
    Man can also be a devil.
    Man has a choice.
    Choose wisely.

  6. The weak flank of UMNO is everywhere, left, center and right. UMNO has only one line of defence - the people, providing the all round protection for UMNO. UMNO's tactics is to battle from behind the people.

    The strongest column of Pakatan is the people, but Pakatan's people is fighting from behind Pakatan's leaders.

    Not any strong Pakatan's leader is a match against the people, that's why Pakatan can never penetrate UMNO's defence no matter how weak UMNO's leaders are.