Monday 16 May 2011



Way back in November 2009 I did say that in defense of Najib it must be said that this man has never been caught doing anything illicit, immoral or unsavory. Yes he did it all but he was just never caught!

It is despicable to see our Prime Minister descend to the level of filth and pig swirl that he is now in up to his neck in his desperate bid to grab another five years of deceit, lies and abuse if given the privilege to govern our country: A privilege we must make sure this Najib never gets!  

In the last general election Pakatan Rakayt made sure that its members were low key in their celebrations after their massive sweep of seats from Barisan Nasional having learnt the lessons of the May 13th Riots. So what is UMNO doing now? Well if the non-Malays will not riot to cause chaos and huru hara in the country then why not get the Malays to do it? Any port in a storm as far as UMNO is concern!

Incredibly UMNO is now winding up the Malays through Race and Religious issues to start a Jihad against the non Malays and the non-believers! If the non-Malays will not riot then get the Malays to riot! Whip up the Malays into a frenzy by insisting that the Christians are taking over! As far as UMNO is concern this is not inciting racial hatred or religious mayhem…No, no, no…this is defending Ketuanan Melayu and Islam…and in the process give UMNO another despicable term in government! If anybody else does this it is the ISA for him or her. When UMNO does it they are policing our national security.

With idiots like Ibrahim Ali running loose how soon do you think all this will turn into a real blood bath? If not between the Malays and the non-Malays – then between the Malays of UMNO and the Malays outside UMNO who are insulted by the drum banging of this Ibrahim Idiot!

That this Ibrahim Idiot can do what he does with impunity during Najib’s rule is because he knows that when push comes to shove, just a booo from this Ibrahim idiot will make Najib wet his pants! Like what Mahathir has done to Nazri …….

What UMNO do now has no relevance with what our country and our people need. It is always UMNO’s vested interest that matters to the exclusion of anything else. Their tunnel vision is focused on the 13th General Election. UMNO are telling the Malays that 54 years of UMNO’s legacy and the future of the Malays hinges on what will happen in this coming 13th General Election.  Do you think that if UMNO loses in the 13th General Election UMNO and the Malays will vanish in a haze without a trace? Huh! What will vanish is Mahathir, Najib, Muhyiddin, Nazri….and all those corrupt riff raffs and despicable politicians now within UMNO and BN….and good riddance too!

What Najib and gang are fighting for is their personal survival. Losing will mean Armageddon for these corrupt politicians. Mahathir will be done. Najib will answer for his eight years of abuse and mismanagement while Minister of Defense, Khir Toyo, Mat Taib, Ling Liong Sik, Samy Velu…the list goes on….the roll of dishonor will be a lengthy one.

This latest episode of dragging DSAI through the courts for another sodomy case is a manifestation of all of the above.  Anybody accused of sexual misdeeds will find that innocent or guilty, their life will be thrown into chaos and out of kilt. Thank God DSAI have Azizah and strong family members to stand with him and by him through all his trials and tribulations.

The Chief Justice who heads the courts under whom DSAi is being trialed…. Tun Azmi I think – did not this Azmi got into some illicit marriage caper across the Thai border some time back? Did he not try to get out of it by getting rid of the evidence …err the marriage certificate? Now tell me how a guy who, with his mental capacity unimpaired, can deliberately do this illegal stuff and still get to head the Judiciary under a BN government? A case of birds of a feather needing to fly together through a mist of judiciary silap mata?

Now the AG that is also part of this judicial merry go round….was he not involve in fornicating with one of his staff? Where then does he get the moral authority to do what he does? Or is that not a prerequisite of the job he is now doing?

I do not want to go into the Lingam caper….next time you see Lingam and you see a snake…you know what to kill first.

Sometime back an Inspector General of Police got the sack for punching the living daylights out of DSAI. Since those days PDRM has slipped, slide and generally sink to about the same level of corruption and abuse as UMNO has – somewhere between the filth and the pig swirl.   

And all of the above: CJ,AG, PDRM are involved in this Sodomy Two case involving DSAI : And Najib expects the people to not look at the whole matter with the contempt it deserves? 

Our country is on a knife-edge – who care? Not UMNO not our BN government. Our people are lied too and their sense of uncertainties and anger are kept artificially at fever pitch by UMNO agitators – to be used or diffused as and when it is to their advantage.

It is not enough that UMNO have abuse the Malays for the past 52 years now they will get the Malays to fight their battle against the other races for them. I wonder how many Malays will have to die before UMNO’s deed are done!

And of course we also have this Ibrahim Idiot getting wall to wall coverage in the newspaper and on TV – with a past UMNO President riding shotgun and giving him legitimacy in the eyes of UMNO. Every UMNO big wig is treating Perkasa and this Ibrahim Idiot with kids glove – worried to death that they would be this idiot next target!

There is nothing UMNO can get on Pakatan Rakyat to trouble the party. Nothing UMNO can do to make the people of Malaysia desert Pakatan Rakyat. They can no longer use the ISA to harass or threaten the leaders of Pakatan Rakyat. All Pakatan Rakyat leaders have spent time under the ISA. What more can ISA do to them. And so they go for the strongest amongst all of Pakatan Rakyat leaders – DSAI.

Tell me Najib what would you say if I ask you to sumpah laknat that you did not have sexual relations with Rosmah while both of you were married to other people? Not with Altantuya but with Rosmah – that same Rosmah who is now your wife. I would also like you to sumpah laknat that you did not negotiate a financial settlement with her then husband to “buy” her freedom from him in order to marry you. We will talk about Altantuya and Ziana Zain another time! For now just you and Rosmah! Camna can you sumpah laknat?

It would seem to me that we are now nearing the dawn of the day before Najib brings us all into the final furlong to the 13th General Election. While we are ready for what is to come the same cannot be said of UMNO. UMNO knows that it is darkest just before the dawn…the best time to be out stealing their neighbor’s newspaper! As always UMNO is doing the very thing that they have been taught to do - take , take and take! So to UMNO we say NO! NO! NO!  



  2. This guys , those umno pukis they come a dime a dozen in bolehland! In the streets they are considered pig's swirl as you described !
    Just waiting for GE to bury them perpetually .....

  3. we will try 2 change d mindset of d rural malays in order 2 win d war. with me w r 2.