Thursday 26 May 2011

Cakap cakap : Wither goes DSAI?

I have said that in putting my lot with Pakatan Rakyat I will take the good with the bad but that does not mean that I will be quiet if the bad will do harm to our cause. Steady as she goes shall be our hope for those that lead Pakatan Rakyat but with all the pressure being brought upon DSAI how is he faring? The oratorical confidence he exudes and the calmness of self he exhibits: are these just physical manifestations of an individual standing while everything is falling around him?

Let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.'

What strength DSAI must have had to withstand being dismissed from the DPM’s post! The Sodomy 1 Trial. The beating by the IGP. The Corruption conviction and the years spent in solitary imprisonment. And now Sodomy II and the Carcosa tapes. Those are the epic struggles he has faced. We must not forget the other peripheral struggles. The loss of Perak, seeking refuge in the Turkish embassy, Bala SD turn around, the trouble in Selangor, the supposed take over of the Federal Government on September 16th after the 12th General Election, Zaid leaving PKR and the shambles of the PKR party’s election. All these pains, disappointment and humiliation were self-inflicted. With the right advice and counsel from wise advisors all could have all been avoided. Simply put DSAI had only himself to blame. But where were his minders?    

And now he is in the fight of his life. He is no longer 51 – the age he was dismissed as DPM. He is now 63. If his political will to fight BN is not to be questioned then his physical ability to undergo another bruising fight with UMNO for the 13th general election will have to be questioned.

Is he able to grasp the political realities of what is really happening within his orbit or is a sense of deja vu creeping in….a sense that he has seen it all before and now he is going through it all again and it will be alright in the end! UMNO is counting on it. BN is counting on it but if this continues Pakatan Rakyat will be adversely affected because of it.

And so my question to DSAI and his minders is this: When will DSAI be the solution to the problems that Pakatan Rakyat has rather then be part of the problem? 


  1. Ever since Anwar was disposed of his DPM post, he was in deep shit, so deep that his ascend from the sewer to the man-hole is full of shit up to the brim, and still he couldn't climb out into the opening because the gravity of the shit keeps pulling him down. All his minders did was just watching instead of helping him washing the shit so he could jump alight out of the abyss.

    Pakatan made Anwar a leader but they all fight behind him not alongside. If his position now seems untenable it is because his fighting spirit is entrapped in his mortal body, not in his immortal soul.

  2. I think he was over confident of his ability to dethrone his boss that led to his downfall. His eagerness to be the PM led to be his dismissal, otherwise he would be a PM now if he had waited for his turn. Ambition is made of sterner stuff and he wasn't stern enough or just not smart enough.
    Pak Tua

  3. Where are his minders? They're all around him trying hard to impress. Problem is, he listens to the wrong ones, or, at most times he doesn't.

  4. he couldn't be bothered about others. he only says what he thinks best, acts what he thinks appropriate to his thoughts and never heeds the call to undo the wrong things he has done... he's a man on his own!

  5. There are just too many political apportunists in Keadilan,worst of all many are x Umno. If they gets $$$ from Umno, they'll not hesitate to step on him and leave.

  6. Today there are many leaders.
    If you want to be different you must be exceptional, ahead of the pack and take the greatest risk that others would not.

    Look at Gandhi. One man against an empire!

  7. errr..quite BN not so
    PENCURI though still lots of it.without DSAI...BN thieves (almost all the ruling cronies)steals!