Wednesday 18 May 2011

Cakap cakap : You are one. With me we are two.

Race and Religion issues best left to those with clear heads and balance judgement to discuss. There are valid reasons why our past political leaders, in their wisdom, did not want these matters open to public debates by those who will seek to argue these issues for their own vested interests and in the process disturb an already fragile racial divide.Nothing so inflame a person then to have others deride their RACE and RELIGION. 

I wonder what Tunku, Tun Razak and Tun Hussein Onn would have done if they could have known then that one day it is politicians in their own UMNO that would use Race and Religion for their own vested interest. Not for UMNO but for their own political survival. And the unkindest cut of it all for Tun Razak and Tun Hussein Onn is that it is their own children that are this now doing this for their own political survival : Najib and Hishamuddin!  

Today UMNO chooses to use Race and Religion as its preferred weapon to be used in its defense against losing the 13th General Election. Together with Race and Religion UMNO throws in politics and money. Here then will certainly be a volatile mix of passions and emotions that can fuelled UMNO’s future towards victory or oblivion! There is no middle path when you choose to go down this route. May 13th is proof enough! Memali is proof positive!

But desperate people make desperate choices – and UMNO is desperate. In all seriousness there is nobody of any significance within amongst UMNO that could be presented to the people of this country to be leader for all Malaysians. None that could stand in the shadow or Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang or Tok Guru. Pretenders they are plenty but it is laughable to think that Najib, Muhyiddin or Mukhriz can stand on the same stage and go head to head with these leaders of Pakatan Rakyat.

So what has UMNO got left but to go back to the fundamentals. Race, Religion, Politics and the glue that holds all this together: MONEY! Everybody needs money but there are degrees of desperation before one does the unthinkable. For UMNO to use Race and Religion is an indication of their desperation and the need to do the unthinkable.

Hussein Onn knew that despite Dato Harun Idris massive support within the Malays, he still went for Harun on corruption charges, brought him to trial and when convicted jailed for three of the six years he was sentenced to, and then pardoned by the Agong. What do you think Hussein Onn would have done to Ibrahim Ali?

In Memali, because of politics and religious differences, rubber tappers, farmers, men and women armed with parang and spears and one or two handguns: all Malays: fourteen in numbers: were gunned down by 200 armed policemen, and all fourteen were branded as “criminals”. Here there was the political resolve by UMNO to kill other Malays. Not because UMNO was desperate then to cling to power, but because they could kill those fourteen Malays and get away with it. Truly a display or arrogance beyond comprehension for most of us!

And now we have Perkasa and Ibrahim Idiot Ali! Now UMNO is driven by desperation to try and move the Malays into their camps by any means possible. And they choose race and religion to do so. Damm the consequences, damm the harm it will do to the closing racial divide and damm what it will do to the nations future. What matters is holding on to power.

If UMNO does not care then we must care! If you read this then you must care. It is just past 9am here in Adelaide. I have been up since 6 am working on my blog - it is winter and it is cold and I have two heaters on to keep me warm. 

I have been away from KL for almost three years now but if you think I do not care about what happens in Malaysia, then think again. With my PC I am aware of what is happening in Malaysia in real time. I “talk” with friends and acquaintances everyday – more so then most of you. I know there are enough of us out there to make a difference to the outcome of the 13th General Elections. But we are not organized. The “oomph” of the 12th General Election is now dissipated. We have been weakened by time, complacency and general malaise. And the only saving grace is that we know that this is so! We need to start again to gather together the critical mass of voters needed to give our country a chance for change. If things do not change after 52 years of UMNO rule then we change. Change for the better!

But for most of us we will need to change our thoughts first. Get involve with what Pakatan Rakyat is doing. Pakatan Rakyat is only as strong as we make them to be. Their leaders are nothing without us. For all of DSAI, Hadi and Kit Siang’s bluster and thunder they would be dishearten if they do not have us with them.We are better for their resolved to lead us. We need each other to secure the 13th General Election for ourselves. Go do something today to make that difference and be the change you want Malaysia to be….even if it is to just raise one finger to Najib as he passes by with his motorcade making worse the traffic jam that you are already in! You do that and I will do my work on steadyaku47. You are one. With me we are two! 



  1. The Chinese has a saying 'fu bu guo san dai' (Mandarin for 'Wealth cannot last more than three generations') which I think could be applicable in your context, substituting 'family wealth' for 'political dynasty'.

    If we take into account Onn Jaafar, Hishamuddin is considered third generation, though Onn Jaafar did not make it for being too multi-racial in his time.

    If we look at 'generation gap' generally, then it seems only natural that whatever one generation is good at, be it in business or politics, the second or third generation will be so out of touch with the founder's wishes, ambitions, objectives or whatever which drove him to excellence, that they will be no match for others who caught up, being driven by poverty or lack of opportunities. There is another Chinese saying 'Fung shui lun lau cheen' (Cantonese for 'fortune (good or bad) goes round in turns'), which most Chinese accept as something fair in life, probably related to effects of 'karma'.

    The good fortunes of Najib and Hishamuddin would have made them out of touch with the common man's problems of rising costs of living. Najib's well known advice 'change your lifestyle' is a good example of it.

    In contrast, Anwar had been through living hell, and still being persecuted for just being a credible threat to the status quo of Umno, being taken for granted as having the divine right to rule Malaysia. Just imagine his commitment as a result, to help correct our present corrupt system of governance. Furthermore, his wife and daughter too, are naturally affected and driven by unfair tactics being used to stop her husband and father respectively from continuing his struggle.

  2. Yes we can, bro, that day will come, you and I plus Muthu can walk the street side by side anywhere in the one and only mother land of ours with our head held high. Together we're 3, no place for Perkesa and those racists be them Chinese or Indian.

  3. With me,there are three of us now and by the way here in Pasir Mas we called this Ibrahim idiot 'BRIHIM BERUK'.

  4. read the article, dual meaning of god, soul and reality, it has a heavy message to parents and the kid who decided to save the world