Thursday 19 May 2011


This Carcosa tapes is becoming a liability for the powers that be – in other words I have two words for the Three Datuk Stooges. First letter of first word starts with an “F” and the first letter of the second word starts with a “Y”

The Sarawak elections are over and Barisan Nasional got over the finishing line without too much of a hassle. The incumbent is still there and there is nothing they can do about it for now – so put that in the “too hard” basket and get on with pillaging and raping of the country again. Nobody wants to be associated with the Three Datuk Stooges. PDRM is also wiping their hands clean and kicking it to the AG. And the AG does not know what to do about it. But as usual everybody is making the right noises about the “sumpah laknat” and “we don’t have to identify the actor in the tapes” thing. You can never preclude the possibility of a bye-election being called at anytime and they might have to roll out the Carcosa tapes again – and if that happens the Three Datuk Stooges will again have their day in the sun again!  

If you were to look at the Carcosa tapes (and please do so on the quiet! It is illegal to do so even if the entire Cabinet and every Mat, Tan and Lingam in Malaysia have done so!) …As I said, if you have had a look at the Carcosa tapes that main actor is using a thin good morning type towel you see being used in the hotels in Chow Kit where rooms are rented out by the hour! And the furniture too is of the same standard! Come lah maybe Eskay might be in familiar territory given his claim to be riding shot gun with the main actor, but I am sure DSAI would be more discerning.

What I cannot figure out is how taking the sumpah laknat will bring him any closer to getting any part of the RM20 million claim he has against Datuk Yahaya as commission he claims for the “Crooked Bridge”. Now this by itself could be another “interesting” investigation for PDRM and make this Eskay guy a “person of interest” to be pursued by the authorities. He better hope that the UTK guys do not get onto his tail ala Altantuya….but then I do not know if UTK handles projects less then RM100 million. Not worth their while –would not even cover the cost of the C4!  

And one other point – there is no provision in the Shariah court for this sumpah laknat thing. It is more cultural then religion. Remember the using of “Demi Allah” when one Muslim wants to convince another Muslim of his sincerity or honesty? Does it sound convincing? The same goes for sumpah laknat nowdays….the sanctuary used by those desperate enough to soil their soul by using Islam to rid themselves of self-inflicted sins. Dead Datuk walking…dead Datuk Walking….please get out of their way!    


  1. I think it was presumptuous of Eskay to wear bullet-proof vest when he swore in a mosque in Sentul. Why would anyone wanted to shoot him?

    His luck must be running out based on reports about his claim for unpaid Rm20 million commission, and his uncertain fertilizer business with Risda now that Latuk Lahim is no longer there. There is also the possibility that he might be arrested for his part in the video, though seemingly untouchable till now.

    The police acted strange when they confirmed the video is genuine but unwilling or unable to confirm who was the man. Just imagine the damage to Anwar and his family because of this charade with the acquiescence of the authorities.

  2. It's long and widing road to Putra Jaya. We'll reach there some day with or without Anwar. The Chinese took 80 years to drive Mogolian back to the steppe, then took another 300 yrs to overthrow Manchurian. You and I may not be around when that day comes. Our children, Malaysian children, brown, yellow and dark.