Thursday 26 May 2011

13-year-old incredible bicycle-kick

It didn't take long for 13-year-old Kenner Galeas to become an instant star on his Arlington Soccer Association club team. Playing in a game recently for the U-14 Civitans Bengals, Galeas scored on an incredible bicycle-kick that now has the entire Internet going crazy over the youngster's finish.
As the Washington Post reported, Galeas recently joined the team after moving from Honduras to the United States. In just a few games, Galeas has gone from relative unknown to having his goal compared to the jaw-dropping bicycle-kick that Manchester United's Wayne Rooney scored earlier this year in a derby match against Manchester City.
But before teams start courting the youngster as the next great striker, there's something you should known about Galeas: He's actually a defender. Yep, it was sheer luck that he was playing up front in the first place.
"[Kenner] is a very solid, quick and aggressive player, but the ironic element to this story is that Kenner is a defenseman and this is the first time he has played forward," his coach Luis Alonso told the Washington Post. "To further add to the irony, it is his brother Keysmer who is one of our star forwards and goal scorers. Due to a shortage in forwards for this game on Sunday, I put Kenner in as a forward, and clearly, it paid off big time."
I think everyone would agree with that assessment.

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