Saturday 21 May 2011

cakap cakap....memories.

Sorry Friends....just too lazy to write. Been listening to all those songs from my days in London. When life with my wife had just started. We had no money but no worries too. London in the 60's. Memories, memories and more great memories. And forty over years later we are still together! And those songs can still pull at my heart strings effortlessly... I wish you all the same love and happiness I still do have with my wife, Lucy. Enjoy life......too short to get too serious.

Please do go and listen Francoise Hardy's "All Over The World"....great great song!


  1. Keep healthy Pak!
    We will fight till the last drop of our blood.
    For the nation to progress just kick UMNO out!
    Enjoy life and remember ALLAH, everything Insya'ALLAH will be ok.
    Not to worry as the missing jet engine still missing and those idiots responsible for it still get promoted. Those in govt-the police headhonco, the judiciary and mostly head of departments continue to play politics to apple polish the Altantuyu lover!
    Rest assured that they will pay for all their misdeed if not in this world but definite in the hereafter.
    Meanwhile enjoy life, keep healthy and remain focus-you are one with me we are two.
    Lawan tetap lawan.

  2. Try the The Seekers' version of all Over The World:

    The Seekers are another world-class ariste group from Oz.

  3. Yes Bro...Judith Durham voice is stronger...while Francoise is more soothing! And memories are triggered by those tunes we are familiar with!