Friday 27 May 2011

Quote - Sakmongkol AK47

"... I find myself in strange territory listening to people like Reezal Merican, or Rahim Azeez speak for the Malays.

I would have thought, Malays are better off 
if THESE people speak on behalf of KIMMA (Kongres India Muslim Malaysia, OR Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress) 

How can we force ourselves to suffer fools by allowing ourselves to consume the hate spewing writings of
some bloggers whose Malay-ness are questionable? 

Why isn't the peddler of rancid-curry speaking 
on behalf and FOR KIMMA members?
Jadi jadi lah kita orang Melayu kena tipu.

I think Malays have got enough talented people to speak for ourselves.

Then we have those who pretend they speak for UMNO but are themselves NOT UMNO members.

REAL UMNO man WOULDN'T speak of an imagined clash of Christians and Muslims or spun the story about Christians taking over this country.
Does a Malay cease to be a Malay if he is not UMNO member?

Being UMNO is NOT an absolute requirement to fight for a Malay cause.

(And) those Malays in power have not helped other Malays.

So if UMNO insists that UMNO is Malay and Malay is UMNO, then by extension, Malays in power do not help the rest of Malays will also mean, UMNO in power does not help the rest of the Malays.

UMNO people must be realistic on this. One doesn't stop becoming Malay if one dismisses UMNO. People are already doing that if you still don't realize it.

Yet the leadership is hyping themselves, aided by a pliant audio visual and print media into believing all is well. Ignorance is really bliss

-"Sakmongkol AK47"


  1. hahaha i thot it was u who wrote the piece..

  2. The malays are in such a mess that they could not differentiate which is which? And this moron Reezal and Rahim will manipulate those idiot malays just because they are umno members without being a malay.SAD,SAD.

  3. Sir,

    Sometime ago, I ada terbaca satu pos entah di mana dan gambarnya menunjukkan Tun Dr Mahathir bersama DS Zamri MB Perak duduk di belakang Mercedes........and itulah Ketuanan Melayu.

    Wish I have the picture because a pic = thousand words.

    Kenapa Melayu rela dicucuk hidung oleh mereka?

  4. Those are the champions of the "Malays/UMNO".one of them can even speak Tamil fluently whilst the other is the past president of GPMS acroname for gabungan pelajar melayu semenanjung....I always smile when I hear those two speak on behalf of the Malays and I wonder whether the Malays have got balls or not.For me those who elected them as President or Umno youth officials are 'BACUL AND DAYUS'...On the other hand it shows that most REAL MALAYS do not support fact if we were to go through the list of pro Umno bloggers almost 99% are non Malays but a hibrid of South Indian origin which were elevated to the status of Bumiputra which is very different from Malays.