Thursday 12 March 2015

Kelaparan, digari dan tak berkasut dalam lokap...remember Kugan!

First Let us Remember Kugan and what the Police did to him.Amen!

And now on to the present.

Before I have my say on this let me be clear that my sympathies are with those opposition politicians who have been arrested for whatever trump up charges that the Police have been instructed to charge them with. This is Malaysia and we know how things are done.

Just this week we have seen the IGP announce that amongst others the Prime Minister  will be investigated re the 1MDB fiasco. A day after that announcement was made not only did Khalid  grovel in public for forgiveness in a media statement that PDRM released but he all but aborted PDRM's role in any investigation of 1MDB by saying

"these actions will only commence if the auditor's report discover discrepancies and indications of wrongdoing - otherwise investigation will not ensue".    

And PDRM is only the third wheel in the 1MDB investigation (if any) giving way to the AG's chambers and MACC. I would have thought that it would be the Police that led the investigation supported by the AG's Chambers and MACC but stranger things have been known to happen in investigations that PDRM have been involved with in the past. Like so many other government departments PDRM too are at times afflicted with the "one eye open and one eye close" syndrome or even the more serious afflictions of having "one eye close one eye shut" syndrome  - as per instructions of their political masters - who are themselves the masters of that "two eye close" syndrome. 

But I digress.

Many opposition politicians and YB's have been arrested before. Some are incarcerated, some temporarily detained while police conduct their investigations. For anybody, politicians included, any time spent in Malaysia jails is no picnic in the park. Death and, beatings are common. It is not a policeman lot to make any body's time in jail comfortable. They intimidate you and put the fear of God into you to make you remember not to do again the things that have put you in jail in the first place.

Whether the Policeman salutes you or beat you up will depend on the instructions he gets from his superior and that ladder goes all the way up to Seri Perdana in Putrajaya.  I kid you not!

Once the order from Seri Perdana tells PDRM to put the fear of God into those arrested you can be rest assured that it will be done.

So someone better tell Nik Nazmi that walking around bare feet, being made to wear a uniform and eating food not fit for a dog to consume is the least of their worries. Coming out alive from remand should be their main concern.

So please guys if you insists upon attending illegal demonstrations and even leading prepared for the consequence...."kebuluran, di gari dan tak berkasut di dalam lokap" are the least of your worries.

Do not talk about rights and entitlements once you are in jail unless what happens to you interest the world media. Hell even Anwar is having a hard time trying to muster global support for the injustice accorded to him by Najib's government - and really no one outside Malaysia really cares.  

Endure what you must then come out and again "Lawan Kita Lawan!".

Remember Kugan...he never left his cell alive.


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