Thursday 5 March 2015

The "We Know" list.

Let me share with you some of the things that we know about the goings on in Bolehland. I am sharing these "we know" things for a number of reasons. One is lest we forget that they happened. ....two is to remind the powers that be that while for them it is business as usual - (business of the corrupt kind) - we are keeping a list and checking it twice for that time when the finally day of reckoning and punishment comes...three is tell all those who are with us that with each passing day this list keeps getting longer and longer and time for change is fast running out....four to remind all Malaysian that all of them have been the victims of this abuse and misuse of political power in the hands of Umno - we must be united if there is to be any hope for a future that we have long aspired for - that of an open, transparent and responsible government....five.....and it goes on and on....too many reasons and too little time.

What then are the things we know?

Umno politicians by and large are corrupt.

Saiful has financially benefited from Sodomy Two.

We know that PDRM are the running dogs of Umno and none more despicable than this one:

1MDB is out of control. Too much money has been siphoned out to allow it to die a quiet death. Some one has to held responsible - by common consensus it looks like that some one will be Najib.

Altantuya : The truth has still to be out. Sirul is holding out for a "lighter sentence with benefits." What those benefits are remains to be seen but it certainly will not come from the RM500 million already paid "for services rendered". When will all this end?

Bila Penipu Kena Main Dengan Pembunuh

HANYA satu pihak saja yang untung dalam ‘misi kemanusian’ PAS melawat pembunuh Altantunya di Sydney kelmarin – keluarga Sirul.  Disamping dapat melihat negara luar ditaja, dapat juga bertemu dengan anak yang melarikan diri ke luar negara untuk mengelakkan hukuman mati disini.
Yang lain semua rugi, terutama pihak-pihak yang menanti-nanti Sirul menyebutkan nama individu yang mengarahkannya untuk membunuh Altantunya dan tidak lupa, pihak yang mengeluarkan belanja untuk lawatan itu diadakan.
Dari tiket kapal terbang, penginapan dan perbelanjaan lain, semua ini bukan murah tapi hasilnya? Masuk angin keluar asap.  Sirul tetap tak bercakap.
Mungkin mana yang berkenaan, inilah kali pertama naik kapal terbang, ke Australia pulak tu.  Semata-mata kerana PAS nak politikkan kes Sirul untuk jadi bahan politik sepanjang Anwar dipenjarakan disamping mengalihkan perhatian dari pergaduhan dalaman PAS.

Razak Baginda is just another crony in a long line of Najib's Razak cronies that have financially beniftted from contracts with Mindef awarded while Najib was Minister.

Rosmah Mansor wears the trousers in Najib's household.

Demographic engineering has been one of the weapons of choice preferred by Umno to bolster the Muslim population to allow Umno another "electoral reserve" they can depend upon for votes during elections. The havoc it has done to Malaysian society socially and economically is immeasurable....but who cares? Certainly not Umno!

Ketuanan Melayu has benefited Umno and their cronies more than it has benifited the Malays.

After Tun Hussein Onn all the families of Past and Present Prime Minister and families, friends, mistresses, girlfriends and cronies of Umno politicians have taken what they can from the gravy train that Umno replenish from time to time from various "business opportunities" given out by government departments and agencies and ministries.

Any non-Malays able to leave Malaysia will do so.

Elections are not free and transparent in Malaysia. The EC takes instructions from Umno.

Corruption in Malaysia is endemic and prevails across a wide spectrum of government and business opportunities that comes from the same government.

You can get away with virtually anything - even murder - if you have enough money to bribe the police, the courts and the politicians....or should I say the politicians, the police and the courts - in that descending order of importance.
Any other "we know" lists contributed by any one else would be appreciated and added on to this "we know" list.

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