Monday 30 March 2015

Quickies : Software Cetak Rompak.

"Kalau hak orang Islam kita mesti ada izin....kalau hak kafir tak apa. ...maka di benar kita mengunakan soft ware cetak rompak musuh umat islam....Koran kata boleh!" 

steadyaku47 comment:

I came across this youtube video and wondered which of the following reaction would be appropriate:
  • Cringe in embarrassment at Ustaz interpretation of what is written in the Koran
  • Be incredulous that this Ustaz would deem it his duty to tell other Muslims that using pirated software belonging to an infidel is kosher. 
  • Be thankful that he has introduced me to a potentially lucrative market of selling pirated software to Muslims and be protected by the Koran.
 What say you?

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