Sunday 22 March 2015

Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it.

Over breakfast this morning Najib reads the various MSM publications and...Alhamdulilah (he mutters to himself)... all seems to be well with the Bolehland over which he presides.

The opposition are in disarray over hudud and he reads that Lim Guan Eng has accused Hadi of "treachery" and "utter contempt for Pakatan" over the divisive issue.

There is a report highlighting that  "Komponen BN sokong Najib transformasi negara".  Another reports that he is suing Harakahdaily over 1MDB report.

For a moment Najibs basks in the glow of seeing his name in print yet matter how many times he has seen still gives him a warm glow to see it again and again.

Anwar Ibrahim wakes up in Sungai Buloh and tries to come to terms with the reality of being incarcerated again. No matter what you can endure, no matter how strong your convictions  are and no matter who you are - prison has a sobering effect on you. It focuses your whole being into that space you are in and plays tricks with your mind as to what might have been...if only things are different.

This morning Kit Siang must be thinking what the day will bring for him, for DAP and for Pakatan Rakyat.

How will he play Hudud to his advantage?

Who in PKR will he work with to save or salvage what he can of the prevailing sentiments that ebbs and flows amongst Malaysians over hudud?

He has lived through more difficult times than this and age has not dimmed his enthusiasm to do battle with his nemesis - Umno, but without Anwar, Tok Guru and the late Karpal the burden of leadership by default falls upon his increasingly frail shoulders. This is not something he can keep doing forever and "forever" is beginning to seem like forever as those with deep pockets and large armies continues to wreck havoc and mayhem upon the front lines of DAP and Pakatan Rakyat.

Selepas  Anwar disingkir, difitnah, dimalukan, di tangkap, di belasah dan di penjarakan Anwar's family is trying to regroup. Are they still be relevant to PKR and to Pakatan Rakyat? Or is the the schism between Azizah and Azmin too deep? Not even the fate of Anwar or the future of PKR can bring these two together! What more the fate of our nation? So much for self preservation!

PAS is happily in a bind of its own making. The after life promises much more to Pas than what the federal government can. This is something that Umno, DAP and PKR has now realized to their own detriment. Pas is in the perfect storm that occurs when a political front meets with an oncoming religious front thereby creating the perfect storm that allows for hudud to be proposed in a multi-racial, multi-religious nation such as our. Go figure out how politicians can be that stupid......but you must remember that any religion is  a belief. If you believe - you do. So Pas believes that hudud is required to be implemented in any state under their control - and Pas is such a state. What can you do? Simply this - do not vote Pas if you do not agree with what they do.

Now our King and Queen in Istana Negara are more concern about whether they will still be King and Queen when the new government jet would eventually be put to their disposal for an official trip to wherever the government decides for them to go....they know that they will have to get in line behind the reason the new Jet has been purchased for - Rosmah. Everyone, PM included, gets into the Q behind her big fat behind!

And so the world turns. Everyone of these "Public Figures" have their own personal agendas to worry about. The nation be damm.

At least during Mahathir's time the thrust of government was development. You can talk about Five Year Plans and look forward to each quarter for these plans to be evaluated, debated and discussed by parliament and the Rakyat. There was a sense that we as a nation was going places and that the 2020 vision was for all - though the Malay agenda was even then gathering momentum.

To day is is all about political survival - survival managed on a micro basis. Day to day rather that from election to election for each new day brings new horrors for those in government and to those in opposition. Politics is our daily fare fed to a public already burdened with the prospect of an uncertain future fraught with a minefield of religious and racial overtones that threatens each and everyone of us on a PERSONAL basis! Each and everyone of us is affected by these issues. Our jobs, our family, our future are all put on hold while politicians bicker and nit pick over issues that really has no credibility to be discussed anywhere else but within the four walls of their own political dens of antiquity.

Who wants to know if all the Barisan component parties support Najib? Is that not a given? Why the need to shout that support?

Why does PKR, DAP and Pas have to have a shouting match over hudud? Is not the Pakatan Rakyat coalition strong enough to allow each member to follow their own convictions over matters of religion and yet come together on national issues that affects every Malaysians?

We need to ask ourselves what really matters. Rule of law, due process, civic and civil liberties...freedom, respect and graciousness towards each other matters. Really when it comes to the crux of it all it is not hudud that really matters. In time it will be consigned to the backwaters of politics where it deserves to be consigned to. Get out of the "stupidity box" and allow yourself the right to stand on the side of right thinking Malaysians who understands that the leaders of tomorrow are made today - and understand that the work you do today will determine who these leaders will be.

As JFK famously said at his inaugural address :
Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country

You should ask yourself that same question....if you do not then you will leave our country in the hands of politicians that you now see around you. Politicians who cheat and lie. Politicians who are corrupt and arrogant...and politicians who have no regard for anything else but their own financial well being. This we cannot do, this we should not do and this is certainly what we must never do for we have seen what politics have already done to our country.

Loyalty to the country always
Loyalty to the government when it deserves it.
Mark Twain


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