Saturday 7 March 2015

May Be Seditious. Could Violate the Penal Code. May Intimidate the Government! Huh!

DIGP: Kita Lawan rally illegal 'for many reasons'

The Kita Lawan rally slated for Saturday in the heart of Kuala Lumpur is against the law for multiple reasons, Deputy Inspector-General of Police Noor Rashid Ibrahim said today.
These include speeches that may be seditious, besides actions that could violate the Penal Code, including intimidating the government.

steadyaku47 comment: 

Woi Noor Rashid according to your logic of  why this Kita Lawan rally in Kuala Lumpur is illegal because "it may be seditious"....why not go and arrest Najib and all those BN guys with penises on the probability that they may rape someone because they all do have penises kan? Since when have PDRM started arresting people because they may cause mischief?

And do not forget to arrest those randy middle age and old politicians who also have penises (whether functional or not!) because by having those penises that could violate the Penal Code by indulging in Sodomy Three! 

As for intimidating the Kerajaan......asiehman  Noor who can intimidate those brave Keris wielding Umno dick heads? They got PDRM, the Tentera and even Rela standing by to protect pon tak cukup and they will still be intimidated? Are they cowards?

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