Wednesday 11 March 2015

Will I go Back to KL?

After changing pleasantries to better acquaint one another re our present status quo vis a vis Malaysia and Australia, Malaysians meeting each other for the first time in any foreign land would go next to the most pressing issues that concerns them. Food. Where to get Malaysian style Hawker food of the Malay, Chinese and Indian variety the costs of which is rarely discussed as we are more often than not, prepared to pay premium prices for the "real thing". That done, I am invariably asked if I will go back to KL.

When that is asked of me a wave of nostalgia overwhelms me. Images of family from those days when my parents were still with me and the good life my father had for us comes back to me. Not to haunt me for how can sweet memories of time past haunt me...but to regale me with a future that might have been had I have enough sense to make the best of what I already had then. But sense I did not have then. I was too caught up with the "now" then than to have time to think of anything else. 

Thank God for me that circumstances and a degree of reckless abandon had given me a life here in Melbourne - not too overly comfortable but enough to live the rest of my life in relative comfort and without any financial discomfort. Alas this, I know, is not the lot of many others....but life is such!

What has made the difference in my life from many others for whom a roof over their head and enough food on the table is a constant worry?

Without any doubt my decision to marry my wife almost half a century ago has been the best decision of my entire life. To marry when I was 21, without a cent to my name, without a decent education and without the blessing of my parents was only possible because I then had the exuberance of youth and a complete disregard for what common sense dictates. This was a decision that has been fully exonerated when me, at 67 years of age and my wife, at 70 years of age, are still together contentedly living in the twilight of our years in Melbourne.

But I digress.

Would I go back to live in KL?

Most probably not.

For one I will not be able to write as I do today.

I write about things that moves me.

I write about how this BN government treat with contempt and utter disregard those without the means of demanding what is fair and reasonable for themselves.

I write about how those who should be protecting our interests, our safety and our liberty and our freedom, are otherwise engaged in advancing their own interest.

I write about corrupt politicians and leaders whose sense of entitlement to all things Malaysians reeks of arrogance and a lack of empathy for those who are less privileged than them.      

I do not have the courage to write of these things if I live in Malaysia because the ramifications of doing so would have the authorities come down hard on me like a ton of bricks. And when they do who would look after my family - after my wife? Who would feed them and keep a roof over their heads? How will they survive?

So the answer is "NO" I will not go back to KL.

Today there are many more people like me than there were two or three decades ago when they thought of NOT living in Malaysia first crossed my mind.The reasoning for doing so has not changed : For a better life and a better future for our children. Only today the decision to leave Malaysia has been compounded because of what this BN government is asking its own Rakyat to do.


Leave Malaysia if you do not agree with what we do in government. Leave Malaysia if you think our policies and deeds smacks too much of racial and religious persecution. Leave Malaysia ...just leave if you are not a Malay or a Muslim.  

I fear that the tipping point has long been reached. For one the demographic trend has now been irreversibly engineered to favor the Malays - or should I say the Muslims for by no reasonable criteria could you put all the Muslims coming into Malaysia into the "Malay" basket. They are Indonesians, Burmese and Thai Muslims but they are not Malays. On the premise that these Muslim will add to the vote bank of Umno they have all been legally allowed into Malaysia and have been given, for lack of a better word, the right to vote for Umno.

Imagine allowing millions of uneducated, unskilled and uncouth immigrants into our country, into our economy and into our society where the fabric of society is already fragile and brittle because this BN government divides and rules over its own people for its own political advantage!

For Malaysia we no longer have to imagine what it will do to us...because we are now experiencing the debilitating effect of having these millions of uneducated, unskilled and uncouth immigrants already within our midst. We just do not have the "give" in our social, educational, health and civic infrastructures to accommodate these massive inflow of immigrants.

The ugly physical manifestation can be seen on our streets where these immigrants are already taking over whatever "business opportunities" can be taken over from the Malaysian - not only from the Malays and Indians but also from the Chinese!

There has been a marked increase in violent crimes where murders are committed with impunity by desperate immigrants for whom murdering victims for a few dollars have as much sense as murdering victims for any gain whatsoever.

Nothing good has come out of this massive influx of uneducated, unskilled and uncouth immigrants from neighbouring countries - not even for this Umno led BN government because the negatives far outweighs the positives. But in politics the number games persists and for Umno its objective in "managing" the demographics spread within the racial composition of Malaysia to favor Umno has been achieved thus increasing the Muslim "vote bank" in Umno's they say!      

Whatever your racial hue you must now decide if this is the Malaysia you want to live in. Thirty years ago when I first had thoughts of migrating elsewhere I already had my reasons for doing so. Today you can add the state of our nation after the influx of millions of uneducated, unskilled and uncouth immigrants for political expediency to the whole equation....not to mention the corruption and the bad governance that a clueless PM is now presiding over!   

No Sir...with all my heart I want to go back to KL but I know with all my heart that I will not ...and I will have to live with this for the rest of my life!

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