Saturday 14 March 2015

Political Terrorism and Vulture Economics at its Worst.

Time and time again in the recent history of this "modern times" that we now live in, we have seen in London, in America, in France, in Sydney in Russia and in other parts of the world, the emergence of one of the most hideous form of terrorism - the taking of hostages to be used as pawns in the pursuit of political and religious agendas. Despite the certainty of death, this form of terrorism has become endemic. The work of one random terrorists or a small group of terrorists prepared to die for their cause can wreck havoc and mayhem upon a target of their choice - be it a nation or a government.

The wave of revulsion for this kind of terrorism is universal but it has not been enough to stop these terrorism acts from recurring much to the disquiet of governments that have had  to deal with them. While their targets are governments the horror, havoc, mayhem and murder they inflict are upon innocent people.

Now imagine if you will, the kind of terrorism needed to hold the people of a town, a city, a state even a nation to ransom over a protracted period of time. Not for a day, a week or even a year but for any amount of time that that terrorist or terrorists so decide!

Can a group of terrorist take over the seat of government and hold a nation to ransom to further their own political and personal agendas? Can these terrorists then direct government agencies, the Treasury, the Law Courts, the various Ministries and authorities upholding the security and safety of our people and of our nation to work in unison with them to further their own political agendas, their cause and their own vested interests?

Impossible you say?        

Then tell me what has this Umno led BN government been doing to us, to our country and to our future? Is not what this BN government now doing the same as what terrorist do - imposing their political will upon us? Through fear, intimidation and threats - all legal I must add - this BN government is advancing their own political agenda, their own vested financial interests over our protests.

Like the terrorists this Umno led BN government take from us our freedom to voice our dissent. While the terrorist use guns, bombs and threats to do harm to their hostages to keep them in line, this Umno led BN government use race, religion and political power  to divide and rule over the people of Malaysia

And like the terrorists who do not allow their hostages a voice, this Umno led BN government continue to impose upon us their corrupt and irresponsible governance that has caused economic and social havoc upon us all without giving us recourse to protest or demonstrate against their actions and deeds.  

Political terrorism and vulture economic at its worst is done by this Umno led BN government. They employs the tactics and deeds of terrorists the world over  - intimidation, threats and the use of abject terror that death imposes upon the innocents - and all this we have seen happen in Malaysia in the last three over decades since Mahathir came to power and continues to this day.

What can the people of Malaysia do?
What can we do against 1MDB? How can we find out the motives for the killing of Altantuya? How do we stop the massive and insane corruption? How do we rid ourselves of arrogant, irresponsible and inept leaders who have wreck economic sabotage and mayhem upon our nation much worse than any terrorist can ever do?             

There are many amongst you who believe that there are enough Malaysians who are decent, compassionate and good who will ensure that when it really matters, good will prevail over evil.

That when push comes to shove, there are enough Malays in the rural and urban areas that will tell Umno how to behave and how they should govern our nation through the ballot box.

The Chinese, the Indians too think that at the next election all good Malaysian will come together and vote in responsible and accountable leaders to govern us all.

Yes that might be possible - after all Umno only have 3 million members against the 27 millions Malaysian who are not Umno members. Of these 3 million members of Umno it is only the 191 Ketua Bahagians who will decide the direction that Umno will move and decide who will be their President.

What match are 191 Ketua Bahagians against 27 million Malaysians! We, the majority, will decide!


Consider this. Look around you and ask what trouble these 191 Ketua Bahagians heads have caused our country? They elected Najib to be their president and our Prime Minister and you and I know what Najib has done since he came to power. The Hutang Negara was RM263.6 billion when he came to power. Today it is RM740.7 billion.

and now, amongst other malaputaka, there is 1MDB which is disintegrating before our very eyes. 

There are a thousand and one other things that this Najib and his ministers elected by the 191 Ketua Bahagians and their counterparts in the BN coalition have committed whilst in office that has devastated our economic well being, harmed our religious and racial tolerance for each other possibly beyond repair and probably damm our future to junk status.

So perish the thought that we the majority decide.  We the majority are irrelevant. 

If you look at history and the lessons learned, it is not the people of Uganda that killed 500,000 of its own people - it was Idi Amin.

It was not the majority of Germans that killed 14 million people during the 2nd World War - it was Hitler.

It was not the Chinese people that killed over 70 million of its own people - it was Mao.

And the same for the 20 million Russians that were killed - it was Stalin who killed them.

The majority had nothing to do with these killings.

It took only 19 Hijackers to bring America to its knees, destroy the Trade Centers and killed almost 3000 Americans and in the process changed the world as we knew it then, forever. What the majority of us wanted was irrelevant.

So let us forget about being politically correct and talk about the ramifications of what race and religion can do  to an already fragile society that we now have. Let us talk about what need there is to have Sultans or even a King. Let the Malays, Chinese, Indians and all Malaysian talk about what divides us and what will unite us. And let there be enough of us involve in this process to make our voices heard and be relevant.

Let me say to the Malays and to all Malaysian that the political and economic terrorism being perpetrated by this Umno led BN government is already destroying the Malays, Islam, other Malaysian and is now threatening to destroy what is left of our nation. They must be stopped. You and I must try to stop them

Jika bukan hari ni, hari esok.
Jika bukan minggu ini, minggu depan.
Jika bukan bulan ini, bulan depan.
Jika bukan tahun ini, tahun depan.

Start to make your anger be felt by those who practice politics as the terrorist practice their craft - without any compassion for the fate of their victims, without any regard to others of what they do and with only one end - the fulfilment of their political and selfish agenda no matter the costs to anyone else.  

Our people, our way of life our future have suffered enough under this BN government.

We must do to this BN government what governments are doing to terrorists.

Do not negotiate, do not give in to their demands, do not suffer them any longer than necessary - and when the opportunity comes - destroy them in every way possible.

Lawan mesti Lawan. ...but Lawan mesti Menang!

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