Tuesday 24 March 2015


In all seriousness does this BN government know what it is doing in wanting to inflict GST upon this nation? Or to be more precise does it know why it wants to inflict GST upon itself?

This "Bolehland" mentality is going just a bit off tangent these days. Amongst others, you and me are also to be blamed! Yes, you and me! How many times have you...yes YOU...refer to this land of ours as "Bolehland?". Go google "BOLEHLAND" and see. 

I did and I got 214,000 results in 29 seconds! 

There is a Bolehland Facebook  that tells us that bolehland sucks!

There is even a book "BOLEHLAND"  - The Epic Journey of Two Guys in Malaysia by DAN KHOO & TAN WAI KIT.  
Summary:  Bolehland– A land where anything can and possibly will happen!


Aisehman even The Malaysian Bar has got a page that has "True Stories from Bolehland 3"

The mind boggles as to how many Bolehland Stories there are floating around The Malaysian Bar pages. 

So it seems that "Bolehland" is alive, thriving in that land we once call Malaysia. Really?
It would seems that anything you want to do - of the corrupt, close one eye shut the other, can kautim or not -  kind can be done in Bolehland!

Can I be more specific?
  • You want to buy two "US-supplied" F-5 fighter jet engines? Boleh.
  • You want to marry another one without your first wife's permission? Boleh.
  • You want to buy another Jet and spend RM$28 million refurbishing it? Boleh.
  • You want to steal trees from forests? Boleh
OK so far everything "BOLEH!"
  • What about finding MH370? Tak Boleh.
  • What about AES - after spending RM$700 million. Tak Boleh.
  • What about MAS. Tak Boleh.
  • What about preventing floods in Cameron Highlands? Tak Boleh.
  • What about conducting a "no stone unturned" inquiry? Tak Boleh.
  • What about stopping corruption in government and money politics in BN? Tak Boleh.
We all know that the list for "TAK BOLEH" is longer than the list for "BOLEH" so how the hell does this BN government think that GST boleh?

If I know Najib he is already spending the money he thinks he is going to get from inflicting this GST upon us! All Najib is thinking about is the "durian runtuh" that will be theirs once the money starts rolling in from the GST. Somebody better tell Najib to not stand underneath the durian trees lest the durians crack open his skull when they "runtuh".

Time and time again we have been witness to this BN's government incompetence when introducing " what is best for our nation".

The Automatic Enforcement System (AES) introduced just two yeas ago has costs us RM$700 million - it is now a white elephant unable to fulfill its purpose to prevent speed violations because of pending legal issues - without the power t blacklist the AES has become an ineffective tool to prevent speed violations.
  • NFC project -Tak Boleh.
  • Civil Service New Remuneration Scheme - Tak Boleh.
  •  1Care Health Scheme. Tak Boleh.
  • My 1st Home Loan Scheme. Tak Boleh.
  • Equal Opportunities Commission - Tak Boleh
  • Minimum Wage. Tak Boleh.
  • Vision 2020. Tak Boleh.
  • Crooked Bridge. Tak Boleh.
etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc .......

These litany of failed projects spread over these last three decades that started with Mahathir, are the greatest living argument against the imposition of GST upon us all because it will fail. 

What does any Malaysian think about every time the government announces another "project?"
  • Who will make money this time?
  • How long before it fails?
  • When does the "Blame Game" begins and when does the finger pointing begins?
  • How much will the Rakyat be burdened with this time?
Cukup lah...gua sudah bosan! Fed up with all the cock ups and screw ups that only make politicians,their families and cronies rich while the Rakyat always ends up the loser.

BOLEHLAND my foot.

TAK BOLEHLAND would be more appropriate! 

If there is anything this BN government has succeeded in doing over and over again it is in FAILING! Failure defines this Umno led BN government. Welcome to TAK BOLEHLAND!

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