Thursday 19 March 2015


Photo of sleeping cops could have been an ‘inside job’
March 18, 2015

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KUCHING: The police have not ruled out the possibility that a photograph taken of two policemen sleeping on the job at the Mak Mandin community police station in Butterworth, Penang was an inside job.

Bukit Aman management department director Mohamad Fuzi Harun said the photograph might have been taken by someone on the inside before being circulated by the public via social media.

He said investigations were underway and disciplinary action on the two policemen would be decided later.

“Perhaps, there is a hidden agenda (behind circulating the photograph) but it is still under investigation,” he revealed.


Steadyaku 47 comment: 

What hidden agenda? Aku panggil this Bukit Aman Management Director bodoh marah pulak! Step out of your "stupid box", look at those images of your officers sleeping on the job and ask yourself what hidden agenda would anyone have in exposing these images that would embarrass PDRM? Ask yourself if your officers are doing the right thing by sleeping on the job? Itu other need to investigate - just take disciplinary action. Habis cerita!  

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