Saturday 14 March 2015

The era of the non Malays are over.

In reply to my posting :

Political Terrorism and Vulture Economics at its Worst.

Henry Ong has this to say:

henry ong

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You are not realistic Mr. Hussein. The era of the non Malays are over. Only Malay people with 65% of the population can do anything politically & economically as the Non Malays are on the way out of the political equilibrium.

Look at what Malays in Malaysia have now in terms of big businesses. Banks Maybank, CIMB, RHB  & many others. The Chinese have  Public Bank & Alliance. Plantations SIme 1,000,000+  acres FELDA at least 1 million acres. All the cars agencies is now almost all Malay own .

Telekoms Tenaga & Petronas  etc. are all own by Malay
led  by Malay GLCs.

The Malaysian Chinese are realistic enough to know that the era of non Malays are over. The Malays still view the Chinese as a threat with 26% of the population & all the guns are in the hands of the Malays. It amazes me people do not see the illogical arguments of this 26 % can take away the rights & privileges of 65% of the population. It is tantamount to stupidity to even think they can influence anything politically & economically now in Malaysia.

Not only you are reading the Malays incorrectly, the Chinese in Malaysia are reading the Malay race incorrectly as well.

If it comes to the crunch, THE MALAYS WILL VOTE UMNO & BN because there is no other real political Malay party that can look after their interests & they still firmly believe in this. I believe Barisan Nasional will  still win the next election because there are just no good political party alternatives.

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