Tuesday 17 March 2015

MCKK : No honorary membership for any low life. We deserve better!

In all the times that I have been a Budak Kolet there have never been an occasion when I found it necessary to question any of the things done by MCOBA in my name as an old boy of MCKK or in the name of MCKK. Not until now! 

Who thought it worth MCKK's while to have Najib as an Honorary Budak Kolet? 

Who the f**king hell did?

Who thought that MCOBA deserved him? Who amongst all the old boys thought that I for one, will agree to confer upon this ...this...this low honorary membership of our Malay College Old Boys Association? 

If Kolet requires funds to do repair, renovate, upgrade or build anything - ask budak budak Kolet first rather than go cap in hand to Najib!

If our Alma Mater requires funds for scholarships, buy library books or any other requirement to facilitate the education of its students - ask budak budak Kolet first rather than try to bodek this ...this....low life with an honorary membership of our esteem MCOBA and try to get him to allocate government funds for that purpose.

If for any reasons MCOBA or MCKK needs a favor from the government to facilitate its proper functioning - tunnggu dulu! Wait until there is someone in government who understands our needs and will not consider our requests because of the honorary membership of MCOBA that is on offer to him! It demeans all that MCKK stands for to use it as a bargaining chip in anything of this nature. And more important it is demeaning because of the person that you are offering the honorary membership to. Najib does not deserve that offer.

And I hope...I really really hope...heaven forbid...that none of those office bearers in MCOBA is doing this to further their political ambitions, secure a negotiated tender or have any thought of gaining a personal financial advantage by offering that honorary MCOBA membership to that ...that ...low life!

Or even angling for a Tan Sri kut? I hope not!

Cease and desist this dastardly deed!

It is enough that he has a Father that has been to MCKK. That, as far as I am concern, is as close as he deserve to be to MCKK and to MCOBA. And that, as far as I am concern, is as close as I want him to be to MCKK and to MCOBA.

Stop this lunacy...sack the President if you have to. If necessary put it to a vote.

....let me cast my vote on this...

Two thumbs from me and another one from Anwar Ibrahim!



This is one reason why I give my thumbs down!

Maybe MCOBA felt humiliated that a scumbag who walked around with sperm dripping from his arse for 3 days could walk in to see the PM for a scholarship, so they needed greater accessibility??
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Rehman Rashid For the record, the Prez's response:
Again I, as the President of MCOBA would like to stress that I never made an offer nor confer of an Honorary Membership to YAB PM.

Here are a few things that transpired during the above said meeting:

The YAB PM has agreed to officiate the TAR Auditorium. This request was first made by the school last year but they never got any response.

He also plans to make an announcement to fund the construction of a project in MCKK to the tune of between RM2-RM3 million.

He is also agreeable that we seek to get native English teachers from the UK to teach at MCKK and is willing to top up their salaries to the level of what they receive in the UK, if necessary. This is in line with my speech at the MCOBA dinner 2014.

He also supports our effort to get more male teachers to teach at MCKK. This was also in my speech at the MCOBA dinner.

He has given his blessings to the development of our land in Jalan Syed Putra.

We will be having future meetings with YAB PM once we have decided on the intended project in MCKK. Suggestions from Mcobs are most welcomed.

If any Mcobs may have anything to suggest or would like to seek any clarification on any matter, you are most welcomed to call me at 012-2080-355 or see me at my MCOBA office as I am here almost everyday.

Thank you and best regards.


So MCOBA  did or did not confer Honorary MCOBA Membership on Najib? Kalau Prez tak confer siapa confer? Kenapa?  


steadyaku47 comment

11.53 PM Melbourne Time : Tuesday 17th March 2015.

Have been informed that  at no time was Honorary Membership offered or confer upon Najib by Prez or anybody else. 

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