Wednesday 8 April 2015

Mahathir : Ada kah kita nak jual negara kita dengan harga RM200 ringgit?

In these last few weeks I have been sent emails questioning my intent in writing many "pro Mahathir and anti Najib" articles - question that alludes to me now being "pro Mahathir" because financial considerations have been thrown my way to do so. Without further ado let me put a few truths upfront :  
  • If you put RM100 on the table and think that I will listen to what you intend to ask me do for that RM100  - I will be insulted. 
  • If you put RM100,000 on the table I will still be insulted but I will let you say your piece and maybe listen with interest.
  • Make your own conjectures as to what I will do if they are more generous that that! 
Having said that , for the present, let me tell you that what I write in steadyaku47 I write without fear or favor. 

Let me share with you what I wrote of Najib Razak in the first few weeks  of starting this blog 

How this guy is going to shake of the excesses of his wife and himself from the time they knew each other (while married to other people) until he became a serious PM contender is something I will watch with anticipation and trepidation (not for me but for him). It will take a monumental effort to contain their goings on - sexual and financials. Can you imagine the amount of money that would be required to keep everybody quite? What contracts, projects, tenders have to be kautim in order to contain these possible exposures - anyone of which , if they become public knowledge, will mean no more Seri Perdana? The mind boggles...and that is why Mahyuddin (the Man who would be King) is cool and waiting in the wings. For me Najib is just a temporary blip in Mahyuddins journey to Sri Perdana. Najib will be so tied up covering his sordid past that he will not have time to Govern... he will not go past a year or two at the most.


20th January 2009

That was written in January 2009 - over five years ago. I was wrong about Najib when I said "Najib will be so tied up covering his sordid past that he will not have time to Govern... he will not go past a year or two at the most":
In everything else I am right. 
Left to his own devices, Najib would have long ago crawled back under the tempurung that he has been living comfortably under for most of his adult life but today he is Prime Minister because it serves the need of Rosmah and other well fed Umno Ketua Bahagians to have him there. No more no less!
So please, I have enough sense to know what is right and what is wrong - yes money may cloud my judgement but for now I have all that I need in my two bedroom apartment in the suburb of Fitzroy in Melbourne. My immediate concern financially is if I have enough to pay for my utilities bills due this month...and I think I do have enough. So I will continue writing  in this blog without fear or favour. ...and if that means being "pro Mahathir and anti-Najib" be it.     

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