Tuesday 14 April 2015

cakap cakap....farness and justice.

There may be about 170,000 Malaysian born people living in Australia. There are not that many of us around when compared to the total population of Australia - about 23 million.

In Malaysia the Orang Asli numbers 150,000 in a population of 28 million. 

I quote those figures to show that we Malaysian born people living in Australia can be numerically compared to the number of Orang Asli people living in Malaysia. Like the Orang Asli in Malaysia, we Malaysian born people living in Australia are the minorities. And there the comparison ends.

One of the function of government in Australia is to to prevent oppression of the minorities by the majority and the weak by the powerful.

We Malaysian born people in Australia are secure and confident that the Australian government are serious about protecting us from oppression by the powerful and by any majority in Australia. 

We are secure and confident enough to go and live our lives in any suburbs, work in any jobs and do anything that any other Australian can do. 

If we are discriminated against in any way when doing these things there are avenues to prosecute those who do discriminate against us, avenues to seek compensation and redress and avenues to punish those who do so by the judiciary.

You cannot say the same thing for the Orang Asli in Malaysia who make up 0.5% of the total Malaysian population. 

You cannot say the same thing for the Indians who make up 6.7%.

You cannot say the same thing for the Chinese who make up  22.6%

If you are a Malay and rejoice in the reality of Ketuanan Melayu that confers upon you that embarrassingly undeserved "first amongst equals" tag...... think about this.

Where is the justice if Ketuanan Melayu is the right of the Malays and yet there are individual Malays that are being prosecuted and persecuted for their political beliefs? 

There are Malays being oppressed by the politically powerful and hounded by a judiciary that selectively prosecute and persecute those who they believe are "a threat to national security"  - and that belief is arbitrarily decided by politicians to advance their own ends.  
So think again my friends. 

It is not Ketuanan Melayu that will protect your individual rights and freedom and the rights and freedom of any other Malaysians.

It is a just, responsible and gracious government that will do so. 

Enough said.

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