Thursday 30 April 2015

cakap cakap...executions, sex, dementia and Berita Daily.

This morning at 3.35 am Australian Eastern Standard Time, eight convicted drug smugglers - four Nigerians, a Brazilian,an Indonesian man and two Australians -  were each executed by a 13-member firing squad. Three minutes later they were all confirmed dead. 

The two Australians - Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan - have become for many Australians, more familiar than even some of their neighbors because so extensive has the coverage been by the Australian media and television that every Australian would have been aware that they were executed last night. 

I am not going into the right and wrong of the death penalty nor the evil that those who deal with drugs do to many young lives - enough have been said and discussed on these issues and each and everyone of us will by now have made up their minds as to where they stand on these matters. 

What I find hard to comprehend is how the state, any authority or anybody, can carry out the killing of a fellow human being if they have belief in a God - any God. 

Is not the giving and taking of life HIS absolute prerogative? 

Whether it is Saddam Hussein or these eight convicted drug smugglers, to me killing another human being for any reasons simply makes a statement that it is us, not God, that decides our destiny and the destiny of our fellow humans. enough said.

The other issues that crops up every now and then is sex. Sex between consenting adults, sex with people who say "YES" and sex with those who say "NO". When is sex rape and when is sex your right to have with or without the consent of your spouse. Men having sex with men and women having sex with women (though strangely women having sex with women seems never to be a problem for the authorities or anybody else!). And recently , even sex on a camel. 

This is my personal opinion on sex. Have it as often as you like with whomsoever who would consent to having sex with you and if you do want to have some guidelines as to what is right or wrong or what is good or bad about sex - go read the Kama Sutra. Anything else or anybody else - Muftis included - know zilch about sex. Do your thing and you will be cool or you will be a fool. And YES as the Beatles said " All You Need is Love" and this world will be a better place and they also said "To lead a better life, I need my love to be here......." I agree too!. 

And I cannot go without an update on my wife's dementia. 

It's just past 1am here in Melbourne and she has just fallen asleep in the bed beside me. It is a bit late for her to stay awake past midnight but if she wants to, I have no problems with it. She chooses the time when she wants to wake up and when she wants to go to sleep. 

We have started our walks again on a regular basis but the walks are now closer to home because these days when she gets tired she wants to go home straight away - so we cannot stray too far from where we stay. I know she prefers to go for a drive rather than take a walk but she needs to have the exercises - so we try to walk a bit each day and go for a drive every now and then. 

My wife smiles a lot everyday....and why not when her husband and son is at her beck and call. To be honest I did wonder if I could take the responsibility of taking care of her on a daily basis willingly. Did I do so because I had to or because I wanted to?

Well you find out about these things gradually and by the things you are prepared to do to make life better for her. I try very hard to walk at her pace. I do not hurry her and I find that I am prepared to just stop and let her decide if she wants to walk or rest a while. 

It would be easier and much more quicker for me to go and do the grocery shopping by myself but I enjoy having her with me even if she insists on rearranging the fruits or the biscuits on the shelves. What I do wonder is what goes on in her head as she walks down the supermarket aisles with me because I can see that she looking intently at the stuff on the shelves - but when I ask her is she wants anything she invariably says "I don't know". 

So I have to think for her. I know that she likes figs, peanut butter, salmon, tomato soup.....and all that she likes we will try to have in the house. Though even after she has her favorite fruit or soup and we ask her if she likes it...she still says "I don't know".....but once in a while we still do get the two thumbs from her when she has something she really likes!  

And of course my son is there with me all the way.

On another subject....I have started to write for Berita Daily  on a regular basis. I am still trying to get a "feel" for the direction that Berita Daily intends to take but I know with my old friend K. Kabilan there, it will do okay. Please guys make Berita Daily one of your regular "reads" and support us with your patronage.

I am in my sarong and singlet and I am starting to feel the cold  - it is already winter over here. I am debating between going to make myself a Cappuccino to keep me working on this blog or get under the blanket and surf the Foxtel Sports Channel to see if there are any interesting La Liga matches being played now. ...and I think Messi, Suarez and Nehmar seems to be good night for now until I write again.