Monday 6 April 2015

cakap cakap....Aidana Baizieva again.

There is another question that now needs to be answered by whoever made that decision that aruah Tan Sri Jamaluddin Jarjis be buried in the heroes mausoleum....the first question is why was that decision made to bury Tan Sri in the Heroes Mausoleum!

The other question is who is Aidana Baizieva?

I would expect both question to be answered in the same manner as was the question asked as to who gave the order to kill Altantuya!

Who is Aidana Baizieva?

Why was she on that fatal Heli flight.

Who was she guest of?

And we hope that the "no stone unturned" investigation Najib ordered on the crash will give us some answers -  although if we are to go by the other "no stone unturned" investigations that Najib also ordered, to hope for those answers would be an exercises in futility.

As always Najib seems to have put his foot in his mouth again on this tragic Heli incident - this time twice.

One for deciding that the late Tan Sri deserved to be laid to rest amongst our Heroes. Why Najib did so will be the subject of conjectures and speculations - suffice to say that there will be questions asked of this once the second question is answered.

The second question is what was Najib thinking when he ordered a "no stone unturned" investigation of the Heli crash?

Would not that investigation tell us who Aidana Baizieva is?

And if it did what would be the repercussions and ramifications of such an exposure?

Already the vultures are circling this story.

The manner by which this matter is being handled by Najib's PR guys already shouts "cover up" and another Altantuya in the making. When will they ever learn? If the internet can out what handbag that old bag is using don't they think that sussing out Aidana Baizieva would be a breeze?

Another day, another PR disaster in the making. Another splat in the face for Najib! 

I hope, in all sincerity, that when all is revealed there is a perfectly logical, rational explanation for Aidana Baizieva presence on that ill fated Heli flight.  

And while they are doing this "no stone unturned" investigation I hope they will be able to explain the following:

How is it that the Chairman of PR1MA (1Malaysia People's Housing) that plans, develop, construct and maintain high-quality houses for middle-income household in key urban centres for the government happens to be in the same Heli with a contractor building these houses for PR1MA  - and also in the heli is the Private Secretary of the Prime Minister of the government that awards these contracts.

You can make your own conclusion as to the circumstances that led to these three being on the same flight but I want to know the following:

Who paid for the flight?

If the contractor paid for the flight did it not compromise the position of the chairman of PR1MA from whom the contractor obtained the contract to build the houses.

If the Chairman of PR1MA paid for the flight - why.

As for the presence of Najib's Private Secretary - make you own judgement as to why he was present.

So many questions to be answered.....

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