Sunday 12 April 2015

cakap cakap....What if your life is an open book that others can read?

What happens if your life is an open book that everyone can read? Your every move, the things you do right or wrong, your lies, your deceptions, your sexual likes and dislikes - everything that only you know - all becomes public knowledge?

What then becomes of you?

Can you still be the person you are now? Will your wife still stand by your side, will your family and relatives still respect you? Will you still have your friends? Will they still want to be your friends? Will your peers look at you in another light and judge you to be a hypocrite, a crook or a liar? Will you still be able to hold on to your job?

I doubt if any one of us can stand that  kind of scrutiny. I doubt if any one wants to be in that position - each and every one of us have our private lives and in truth that private part of our lives is no body's business but ours.

But our private lives becomes public when what we do affect others adversely. When what we do affects our family then we start to worry about them finding out what it is that we do that they should not know about. When what you do affect your work and those working with you - then you worry about them finding out. And of course when you are in high public office your private life is no longer your own.

This is what is now happening to Najib and Rosmah. For them every brand new day in the palatial Seri Perdana brings upon them a new horror story most of which are of their own making!

When you are Prime Minister and First Lady (as she claims herself to be) those that bother you can be kept out of your life by the security details that surrounds you. If you have enemies there are others that can deal with them. Have the police threaten them, arrest them and have them put away  - your Attorney General and plaint Judges can find enough reasons to put anyone away - even the leader of the Opposition.

This you can do to almost anybody until you come across someone like Tun Mahathir - an ex PM still formidable at 90 who wants you out. What do you do with Mahathir? What can you do to Mahathir?

Slowly but surely they are being exposed for the person that they are. Slowly but surely their public facade and public persona are being peeled back to expose the real Najib, the real Rosmah. And what we see is not very pretty.

What astounds me is that they think they can get away with the things that they do. I think the end is near for Najib and Rosmah....if they last beyond these next few months then I believe that there is not much hope left for the future of our country because we know that money can buy anything : even the position of Prime Minister of Malaysia!

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