Thursday 16 April 2015

Leave my mother alone? Huh!

Leave my mother alone, says Ahmad Maslan


Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan (pic) has no issue with criticism but has insisted that his family be left alone.

"I have no problem if you verbally attack me, but leave my mother alone," said Ahmad on Wednesday.

Ahmad said several comments against him on the social media were very rude, with some of these targeting his mother.

"I have no problem if they want to attack me, but why involve my mother?

"I strongly believe that the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is better than the Sales and Services Tax (SST).

"My mother was a rubber tapper and is illiterate. She knows how to read the Quran.

"My mother and my late father worked hard and with Government scholarships, they managed to send their children, including me, to study overseas," Ahmad told a press conference at SMK Pauh Jaya.

Steadyaku47 comment:  

As you say Mat "Saya tak bodoh sangat...." 

So why can't you work out this simple maxim. 

When you hurt someone in my family you also hurt me. 

When your government goes after Anwar Ibrahim, Azizah is affected.  Anwar's children and grandchildren are affected and PKR is affected. 

Now think how many people are affected by that GST that your government insists upon implementing because your government needs the cash? One or two thousand people or does it run into the millions? Are they cheering your government for implementing GST or are they pissed and mad? 

The US president might have ordered the invasion of Iraq but it is the Americans soldiers on the ground that bear the brunt of the fighting and they are the one who are killed. In the same manner innocent Americans all over the world becomes targets of terrorists because the terrorists cannot target the President of the United States - so any Americans becomes fair game. 

For the thousands that are angry and mad at the BN government for the corruption, the arrogance and the implementing of the GST  - guess who will be their target? You Mat! You are on the front line  - and for many disgruntled Malaysians who have had enough of the shenanigans that your government has been up to these few decades - anyone who has any connections with you, is also fair game.

I am not saying it is right. I am not saying that what they do in harassing your mother is justified...but that is the way the cookies crumbles. Your government have discard every iota of decency and responsibility in the things you do to our people and our country. It is now pay back time! 

So grow up and just deal with it!

P.S You tell us that your mother knows how to read the Quran. Good for her...but for your information many many Muslims who can also read the Quran were battered senseless by PDRM over Bersih. Many Muslims who can read the Quran have been arrested for being a threat to "national security" and many many Umno politicians who can read the Quran are liars, fornicators and corrupt to the core. So please do not use the name of ALLAH in vain. 


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