Wednesday 8 April 2015

cakap cakap....Queens English.

Aku selalu cool aja....nothing much fazes me...nothing much upsets me.

I have been called a traitor to Malaysia, traitor to my race and have been accused by F M Zam  "as much as I can recall that you Pak HH, have been doing "Charlie Hebdo" on Anwar, Rafizi, Eminent 25, PKR, PAS, DAP, Pakatan Rakyat, etc, on all them champions of the "Lawan tetap lawan" until I don't know who you want (to be ) the right cheer leaders for the rakyat to rally on to fight a struggle for a government of good governance".

There was one time when impressed by the manner that a politician had answered his critics, I called him a "biduan" (an artists..a wordsmith)....and for that I was accused by one of his supporters (a stupid one really!) for being "biadap" (ill mannered and ill breed) for calling that politician a "banduan" (a prisoner)...though he did apologized when I suggest he read what I wrote again - this time with particular attention to the spelling of "biduan".

In all this instances saya still steady aja. "sticks and stones......."

But today was different. 

I powered on my PC and came across this comment by Abang Rams on my post titled Mahathir : Ada kah kita nak jual negara kita dengan harga RM200 ringgit?

Abang Rams

1 hour ago  -  Shared publicly
I think your blog is interesting but please jack up your English if you want to continue writing in English. If not, please write in Malay...
I think my English is ok. That comment made me read over that article of mine three times to try and find out where my English was suspect. after telling myself to "chill" I went and made myself lunch and ate my "hurt pride" away. I know that the only mistake I have ever made was being born...but that is a story for another day.
It worked .... lunch did "chill" me until I came across this comment from Mustak Shaik Shaik.

Mustak Shaik Shaik
17 minutes ago (edited)
@ Abang Rams Let us see you rewrite this piece in your Queens English, please. I am not kidding. Mengada ngada jah kamu.


Ahhh someone agrees with me! A question for this Abang Rams..

Abang Rams where exactly can I jack up my English?

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