Tuesday 7 April 2015

Adik Farish : Can you be of help?

Today it was raining in Melbourne. At 4 PM it was already dark and reluctant as I was to leave the warm confines of my living room, I had to get myself to the Post Office to pick up a parcel. Suitably suited up I got into the car and drove the short distance, parked the car and ducked inside as the rain continued to fall. 

There were about four people in front of me in the Q and I knew I had at least a 5 minute wait before I could get to the counter to be served and my eyes started to wander around the room to see if anything would hold my interest. Nothing did. 

My attention went back to the Q in front of me and faintly I heard the man behind the counter giving instructions to someone as to what button to press..."now press that button for your balance"...and I could see that he was talking to an old man...and then I saw the old man walked away from the counter...head down....and he turned to me and softly said "Would you have $2 to spare?" I realised that he was the man checking the balance of his account and there was no money for him to withdraw from that bank account.

I said "No" and walked forward towards the counter as my turn was next. Got what I came for and walked out of the door and turned left towards my car. As I did so I saw the old man waiting to cross the road - no hat, no umbrella...nothing to cover his head in the rain.    

The sight of him standing there in the rain registered in my head for a second as I turned towards  the car and then the cold wind and rain hit me in the face. I hurried to my car. 

I made a u turn and headed towards home - eager to get out of the wind and rain and back to the comfort of my home....but even as my thoughts turned towards home, my eyes caught the old man again....this time shuffling along the walkway. The sight of the old man touched me where it felt most - in my heart and in my mind. 

My heart because I know how it was to be cold, wet and hungry. I have been there before. My mind because I asked myself what I could do for him.

I parked the car at the first parking space I found and walked about 40 yards to him and gave him what money I had on me - $5....and then I turned quickly and headed for home.  

These situations , I am sure have touched many of us in the past and will do so again in the future. We do what we can. All I could afford to give the old man today was $5.

This evening a cousin of mine, Iza, sent me a message on FB....
46 mins · 
Abang Hussein Abdul Hamid may be you can help to share this too ..

.....and I saw this image of a child that simply blew me away...I thought of the old man I met earlier and now this child - Farish.

There is much suffering in this world...and those who suffer most are those who have nothing to their name but hope....hope that there is a God, hope that there are good people out there that will assist them in their hour of need....and hope that there is more of life than the one they are labouring under.

I hope you will feel as I do and do what you can to help Farish....she deserves nothing less than a chance at life....and money will help. Please help....details of how you can do so are below. God have mercy on her. 

Adik Farisha telah disahkan menghidapi kanser mata dan kansernya telah merebak ke otak menyebabkan dia tidak boleh berjalan. Mohon jasa baik semua sahabat SK mendoakan kesihatan adik Nur Farisha. Dengan doa sahabat2 semua tidak mustahil untuk adik Farisha sembuh.

Kepada sesiapa yang ingin memberi bantuan boleh salurkan ke:


Kepada sesiapa yang ingin melawat adik Farisha, ini alamatnya:

906 Lorong Angsana 26
Taman Keladi
08000 Sungai Petani
Kedah Darul A man
No Fon 019-5682636

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