Monday 20 April 2015

The Old Hag with the Hermes Bag.

7PM Jul 17, 2014
By Kow Kwan Yee

Don't spend excessively for Raya, advises Rosmah

The prime minister's wife Rosmah Mansor has advised single mothers not to spend excessively during the Hari Raya celebrations, suggesting they limit their festive purchases to only two sets of new clothes and three tins of cookies.

steadyaku47 comment:

Here we go again...the old hag with the Hermes bag is back again talking cock! She must have forgotten to take her medication again!

"old hag : old fat woman, can be a witch, most of the time is.

This time she has advise for single mothers. This advise comes from someone who has just spent millions....I repeat millions...on a wedding for her daughter and now she is telling single mothers to be thrifty. Is she stupid or just plain crazy? Or both? 

This women must be living in cuckoo land... but is she really mad? Yes she does show some extreme emotions and actions...but mad? A women is mad when her wits are not with her.

What do I mean by "her wits are not with her"? 

As an example let us take this young wife of Nazri Aziz. She is having a pubic....opps sorry that should have been public....battle with one of his son who does not agree that she should call herself a Datin Seri because he thinks that title should belong to his mother - who I think is Nazri's first wife. The young wife has her wits about her. She is not just calling hersef a Datin Seri but she is making an rational argument as to why she deserves to call herself a datin seri: First this randy Nazri has been divorced from his first wife for 26 years. 

On Instagram using the name Haflinsfashion, she claims to have married Nazri in June 2014.

"There is no law in Malaysia which states only one wife is allowed to use the title of Datin Seri," wrote Haflin.

As such, she challenged Nedim Nazri, whom she said is also her stepson, to take legal action against her if the facts were wrong. She also chided him for 'rude' behaviour.
Haflin has also claimed it was Nazri, who had asked her to expose the matter to explain the confusion that Nedim triggered.

Whether you agree with her or not is besides the point. She is standing up for herself. And so far she has got Nazri on her side - or at least he is keeping quiet about it....if not he will be in the dog house!

Now what about this old hag with the Hermes bag?

She just spent millions on her daughter wedding and now she is asking "single mothers not to spend excessively during the Hari Raya celebrations, suggesting they limit their festive purchases to only two sets of new clothes and three tins of cookies".

That shows that she does not have her wits around her.

She decides that as the PM's wife and FLOM she should impart words of wisdom to single mothers about not spending too much money on Hari Raya - but did she ever thought about how stupid it is to ask others to be thrifty when you have just spent millions on your daughter's wedding?

It seems that Rosmah can isolate spending her millions on a wedding from her asking people to be thrifty - as far as she is concerned how she spends her husband's money (not sure whether it really is her husband's money or the nations") is her own business.

She is just plain stupid!

Or maybe the thought of Najib no longer being PM is giving her momentary madness - mad for a short time....or maybe she has been consistently mad all this time...with periods when she is OK when she is on medication? In Shakespeare's lingo, consistent mad women are call "Fools". I agree.

Though this Rosmah does not sings and babbles in the forest for long periods of time like a mad women, she is prone to some questionable activities : collecting Hermes bags, expensive diamond rings, hugging badminton players in public, kissing bollywood men in public and spending insane amount of money on her hair...and not forgetting dressing up in Star Wars costumes!

I just wish this old hag with the Hermes bag will just shut up or go away...far far away!


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