Sunday 19 April 2015

Remember those good old days when the DJ was King?

Remember those good old days when we use to have the radio on all the time listening to those songs requests? Guys sending songs like "Living Doll" by Cliff Richard to their girlfriends and girls sending songs like "Are you Lonesome Tonight" by Elvis to their boyfriends? And they were boys who would send Cliff Richard's song "Don't Talk to Him" to their girlfriends if they thought other guys were trying to potong jalan?

Well I was thinking about those days when I remember this old Ann Murray "Walk Right Back" and thought that in the good old days Najib would have rang up the radio station and request them to play the song and dedicate it to Mahathir  - with a request read out by the DJ - most probably Patrick Teoh - asking Mahathir to listen to the words of the song carefully!   

And then Kit Siang could also make a special request to the radio station asking them to play Anne Murray "You are my Sunshine" and make a special dedication to Mahathir asking Mahathir and everyone listening to pay attention to the words of the songs. 

Ahhh those were the good old need to hantam each other like today in the media, on TV and in any which way...Patrick Teoh the DJ could do all that for us!

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