Friday 10 April 2015

The advantage has been passed from PR to BN and then back and forth again so many times that the only constant left is Tun Mahathir.

Let us, for a moment, take a few minutes to think a few things through. Let us not think of ourselves as being of any political inclination, of any race or any religious persuasion - let us just be you and me.

You have have had your fill of politicians who say one thing and do another. Of politicians who are insanely rich and yet want some more. Of politicians who are arrogant, of politicians who are irresponsible and  of politicians that think power and money puts them beyond the laws of this land, beyond caring for others except themselves and beyond any other consideration except what advantages themselves. 

I have also had my fill of those same politicians and more...much more than that. I have had my fill of what these damm politicians have been doing to our people, our way of life and to the state of our nation. 

If we could gaze into the crystal ball and see into the future, how do you think our country would be three decades from now?

I am 67 years old and I have lived through six decades and more of a Malaysia that has radically changed. Changed from the one I can remember with much affection filled with gracious memories of a life where our people looked upon each other as one, living in a Malaysia we can and did call home to what we have now : a Malaysia where even Malays now eye each other with suspicion and syak wasangka. 

A sense of doom and gloom permeates every corner of our country and most of us are wondering what will come if the heavens did open up and allow all that is threatening us now - the possibility that race and religion will cloud every aspect of our life and our culture - what will happens if the heavens did open up and let race and religion become the only consideration that matters in all things Malaysians...if that happens, what shall our country become three decades from now?

You guess is as good as mine. 

Thirty ears ago I made the decision to leave Malaysia because I thought that there was a better life for me and my family elsewhere. It has taken that 30 years for me to know that that decision was the right one for me and my family. Today we have all that we need, we are not rich, not even well off, but we want for nothing to make our life comfortable. All this would not have been possible if I had stayed in  Malaysia - not when at 67 I have to be a full time carer for my wife who now has dementia. 

Today there are many more Malaysian thinking of doing the same thing that I did 30 years ago for the same reasons - a better life for their family and a future more certain that what Malaysia promises. These are intensely personal decisions that could be argued for or against any decision taken but while that debates rages on let us pause to see if what is happening around us today. Will what is happening now give us any reasons to think that the future for anyone, is better here in Malaysia?

The 12th and 13th general elections gave us a glimpse of what the future could be - the emergence of a two party system where two political parties - BN and PR -  dominate politics in Malaysia. Either party would be able to take government  - and that decision will be made by the people. 

So what will the 14th general election be like?

The two party system should still be alive and well at the onset of the 14th general election but win or lose for BN or PR is being decided now as these two Goliaths circle each other and seek ways and means to secure an advantage over the other. The advantage has been passed from PR to BN and then back and forth again so many times that the only constant left is Tun Mahathir.

Mahathir because he can still make a difference to the outcome of the 14th general election. He is no free agent. He is, for now, with Umno. He has decided that Najib must go forth and multiply. What we must now wait to see is how determined Mahathir is to have Najib go forth and multiply.

Politics is the art of the possible.

Is it possible for a DPM under BN to become leader of the opposition? Yes Anwar Ibrahim did.

Is it possible for DAP and PAS to sit at the same table with Anwar Ibrahim to plot the demise of the Umno led BN? Yes Pakatan Rakyat did.

Is it possible for Mahathir to leave Umno? Yes it has happened before.

What Tun Mahathir will do in the coming days, weeks even months will have ramifications for BN and PR. He will not decide Najib's future for these is no future for Najib in the Malaysia that we want. Tun will not decide Anwar Ibrahim's future for Anwar has made the two party system a reality in Malaysia and for that we must be grateful - and now Anwar's work is also done. 

Tun Mahathir's work is not yet done. Let us hope and pray that Tun Mahathir has the intellect to do what our people and nation need done - to kick start our politicians into understanding that when they swear allegiance to king and country - the people will hold them to that oath. 

We do not have to ask if Tun has the courage to do so - he does. Nor do we need to worry if he will win this fight - he will. Just let us pray that Tun will have the health and the strength to see this fight through. At 90 that is a worry. Tabek Tun.




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