Friday 17 April 2015

cakap cakap....The object of Tun's vitriol is deserved.

We have seen it all before...the two M's facing off each other, Mahathir  & Anwar, Mahathir & Pak Lah and now Mahathir & Najib. And if you want to go back further....Mahathir & Tunku. Mahathir and the Sultans. This Mahathir is a serial trouble maker par excellence so what is different this time around? 

This time around he has never been so alone in his endeavours and yet at the same time have so many on his side. 

To all intents and purposes he is fighting Najib on his own for no one has as much fire power as Mahathir himself in his attempts to dislodge Najib from the lodge at Putrajaya and yet he has so many cheering him on and wanting him to succeed in what he wants to do.

And why is that?

The object of Tun's vitriol is deserved.

Since the time of Mahathir himself no other Prime Minister has been the object of so much odium and condemnation as this husband of Rosmah.

Let me start with the most obvious : Queen Control. Mutual respect between spouses is the way to go in these days when gender equality is a fact of life. For one to dominate the other means the union is suspect. For Rosmah to dominate Najib, her second husband and the generous provider of all things that she desires including but not exclusively  - HERMES bags for the old bag -  and our Prime Minister to boot, speaks volumes about the sort of person Najib is! Apart from his bad taste when choosing a second wife the more obvious is his bad taste in holding on to her! Enough said! 

At the last count, Bill Gates has given away USD $28 billion of his own money globally through his transparently operated private foundation to enhance health care and reduce extreme poverty. Please note that the operative word here is "his money". 

In giving out money, Najib has matched, if not by far exceeded Bill Gates generosity but it is our money that he has given away and the cause is his own. BRIM is to buy the peoples vote, and for those in UMNO and BN who are the recipients of his generosity with our money,  it is to buy their support to stay as their chosen one in Umno and BN. Never in the history of Malaysia has so much money been used to buy so many to benefit so few - and who are the few? Najib, Rosmah and Family! 

There are more...much more of Najib's follies that we could together talk about until the cows come home but it is 4.26 AM here in Melbourne on a Tuesday morning and I need my sleep - so let me, in closing, say this.

Tun, you are not alone. 

Enough said!

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