Saturday 11 April 2015

Henry Ong

Dear Mr. Hussein.

I just cannot resist myself to give you my 20 cts. worth of my thoughts.

I agree with you today that relationships between Malays & non Malays are not the same as in the 1950's &1960's. Not many will agree with me that every Malayan was poor & the only wealthier ones were the Englishmen & their rubber estates & the tin mines that they owned.

I dare say that the Chinese were only slightly better off but not all that much better off than the kampong Malays. There was also a large chunk of poor Chinese in the estates & tin mines. My father was a clerk in a rubber estate & at a young age then, I did see many young Chinese males & females go out at 5.30 am to tap rubber. It was a very multi-racial work force. All were paid very low then..... every body were poor. 
Malay politicians now see only successful Chinese in towns. They do not see those in the rural areas where there is much poverty for every race.

Many young Malay males are very fast in wanting to beat young male Chinese when given the opportunity today, I have seen it with my own eyes & I think the police are very slow in controlling this type of attacks where young Chinese males are beaten by gangs of Malay youth. These are racial attacks. This has let to the non mixing between Malays & non Malays on a larger basis though Individually there are still friends between work mates & neighbours.
Politically I do not know what is in the mind of Tun Mahathir. Some of his statement are fair facts but I feel it is too late concerning 1MDB. I will be honest.... I have read some of the investments they have done & maybe the results will not be good. I do not think Tun Mahathir can do anything about the bad investments except to try to get the Prime Minister to explain. I think Prime Minister has replied he does not need to explain to an individual. 
Maybe it is too late for Tun Mahathir to do anything about it now.

My take again....I think & dare say that Barisan National will win in GE 14 because the opposition dare has come out  with a SHADOW CABINET list where which RACE will hold the important post of Prime Minister. The Malay race & orang asal, which is 65% of Malaysia's population, will never vote for DAP ( led by Lim Kit Siang) and agree for him to be Prime Minister of Malaysia.
There are so far not many Malay men & women of stature to lead the opposition  parties to victory in future elections. To many the era of Anwar Ibrahim is almost over. Anwar Ibrahim is very unlikely to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. So UMNO & BN, in my opinion will still be the ruling government after the next election.

Many thanks for letting me post my thoughts, I hope it is worth 20 cts.

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