Monday 6 April 2015

Thank You.

Thank You to those who read what I write. 

I am forever amazed every day that you continue to visit my blog. It makes my days of "working" on the blog from early mornings (5 AM onwards -sometimes earlier) to my late nights (usually past midnight) truly a labor of love and a most satisfying self indulgence on my part.

Once in a while my amazement goes into overdrive. 

The last week has been one of those weeks. My reprise of a past article, this time entitled "The Cina Apek from Singapore opened my eyes to what Malaysia and the Malays could be if we had leaders of this calibre"  garnered over 40,000 hits - which, in my book, is most heartening. 

I must confess to a whole week of "syiok sendiri"...even to waking up at odd hours of the night to track what numbers were being registered on my stats meter. I can assure you all that the "syiok sendiri" did not go to my can it go to my head when my wife is more interested in what she was going to have for lunch and my son did not even mention the article in passing....not even a "thumbs up" to let his old man know what he thought it "OK"....and when I skyped with my daughter in Canada early this morning, not a word from her too! So much for "family support".....but I still love them all.  

Just a short note here to let you all know that I read every comment posted, the good ones (deserved or not is beside the point!) twice or three times over.... and only my good sense prevent me from having them framed and hanged on the walls of my living room. Please keep those comments coming - good or bad they are what makes blogging what it is to all us bloggers.

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