Sunday 9 January 2011

Kes Rogol make up your own mind.


  1. This is not Robengah so how can this maid speak for her?

  2. She did say that sometimes as and when required they had to do some separate chores where it would take about two hours to complete According to her this happened a couple of times every month. There you are she mentioned two hours of "kerja asing asing" every month. That's a lot of time and opportunity for whatsoever thing. If Robengah then chosed not to confide to her best friend about what had happened to her that is her wish and her right.

  3. Sir,

    Use third party. Altantuya punya kes pun pakai 3rd party.

    Teoh Beng Hock, no party.

    This method only laku in Malaysia.

  4. If PM, ex-PM and Datuk Seri Utama himself agreed there was no such thing, who are we to say otherwise?

    If the accused is not by the name of Anwar, or any significant leader of PR, then PM is not interested.

    If PM uninterested, then AG too.

    Now, victim's former roommate and colleague said there was nothing unusual before, we should believe, shouldn't we?

    If SD could be changed overnight, what is the big deal about a report to an NGO 3 years ago?

    1Malaysia means 1 for all and all for 1... within Umno of course!

  5. Are the words of a third party enough to absolve someone of such a serious allegation?

    If that is so, then by extension the words of another third person should be enough to make all kinds allegations stick, too.

    Scary thought.

    It would have been much more credible had the confession been from the alleged victim herself.

    As per the video, it is quite clear the maid, a former colleague of Robengah, has been coached.

    And more damning are the questions posed. The poor woman had to field so many leading questions, the kind that would make a fair-mnded judge throw the book at the counsel had this been a court case.

    They were leading the witness, Yang Arif.

    Did you also notice that even Tun Abdullah who has maintained his elegant silence all these years has suddenly awakened (AFTER THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN PUBLISHED) to deny the allegation and reiterate Rais' innocence?

    It's too late, Tun. Jangan nak buat karTun!

    Denials and righteous anger are best served hot, as soon as lies and incriminating allegations about one's self are made, especially those made in the public domain. There is nothing bigger than the world wide web!.

    But here we have a minister of the realm (lagi yang in charge of communications and culture pulak tu!) keeping mum for almost two weeks!

    And Poor Abdullah always the third party player, now assuming a supporting role in a carTun episode...

    Try harder. Get the woman herself on video. Then maybe...

    No, Tun and DSU, not so easy to make what's been done go away...

    And Jibby, there is no statute of limitation for some crimes. For stupidity it lasts for ever, even long after one's dead!

    Oh, what a merry band of idiots they think we are!

  6. so what she trying to say ?

    depa orang suka sama suka... lol!

  7. please go to malaysiakini and judge for yourself

  8. Alahai... kalau betul lah.... Rais juga yang syiok!
    The denial came too late unless Rais sue all the bloggers and the NGOs that started the whole story.
    Everything moves very fast in Malaysia even the denial letter was posted in one of the blog same daya she sign the letter. Hahahahha kalau mahu kelentong pun pandai la sikit.
    Anyway brother, we need to ask Rais and wife and Robengah to know the truth. But God knows.
    Kita dengar sahaja la... Rais juga yang nyaman kalau betul la!

  9. Apa raa.. You all really like slander stories! Crazylah! There is no police report and the denial is confirmed by the victim, nothing happened! I think the PR is too desperate , no issue to talk!

  10. Bodoh sekali. Takkan u na merogol depan sibahlol ni., lagipun bukan dia yang kna rogol

  11. Tak tahu lah., Raise ni dah tukar mod nya dari Ultraman Max kepada Monster

  12. I think most people felt a sense of glee when the rape report first surfaced. People are fed up with that Rais Yatim fler, arrogant and aloof, typical Umno bigwig, wannabe Nazi minister, censoring the internet and intimidating bloggers. The fact remains, people were not only happy at the prospect of Rais going down, but few doubted that he is capable of something like that. When so many believe someone is capable of rape, then even if he didn't do it, his standing in the public eye has already suffered a massive blow. If I were Rais I'd gracefully bow out of politics before something even worse happens...

  13. RAPE !? no lah ....MOLESTing saja !

  14. Dear Encik Hussein and Brother Antares

    Wonder why the accusation was first raised in a PRO-UMNO BLOG?
    And why is the accused not suing for slander?

    Curiouser and curiouser!

  15. Sorry, forgot to sign my 2:05 pm message.

    Possible answers to my question
    would be

    1. Sign of vicious UMNO in-fighting
    between different factions
    2. Attack on a proxy rather than the real target (a variant of (1) above
    3. To pre-empt a looming attack from the PR side

    Phua Kai Lit

  16. Apa raa.. The maid herself already denied that she was rapedlah.. Not her friend. No case already, stupid PR people will face summons soon from Rais I guess. Really desperate people!!

  17. why took so loooong to kautim her !??