Thursday 13 January 2011

cakap cakap....two things we need of our leaders.

"Your reputation and integrity are everything. Follow through on what you say you’re going to do. Your credibility can only be built over time, and it is built from the history of your words and actions."
— Maria Razumich-Z

The next general election will be about two things. Not Najib or Anwar. Not BN or PR. What will decide the outcome of this general election will not be money or race. Our people have gone beyond that. You will not get our votes because of the promises you have made to give our kawasan better drainage. Nor will your commitment to be a better YB and spend more time with your constituencies get you our votes. The Dewan you built in the town centre too will not help. This year will be the mother of all years for you politicians. BN or PR. The two things that will get you our votes will cost you nothing and yet everything.

The two things we want from anyone that seeks our vote are integrity and credibility. It costs nothing and yet is so sadly lacking in so many of our politicians. You cannot claim to have integrity or credibility. Neither can you pretend to have it. It is for us to decide whether you have it or not.  Frightening isn’t it? That we, the people decide!

It does not matter of if you are BN or PR; race has no bearing at all in this equation. If the people believe that you have these qualities then they will choose you over others. They are qualities that will enhance your stature in the eyes of the people. They are qualities that give any politicians the right and privilege to represent us. And these are qualities that will get you our votes over corrupt politicians, over Tan Sri’s, over Dates or even the son’s of ex-Prime Ministers.

So for those politicians that do not have integrity and credibility here is how you can get some of this thing call integrity and credibility. You get it by being honest in the things you do. Only promise what you can deliver. When you have made a mistake – admit it and take it as a lesson learned – not deny, deny, deny. You get it by serving the people that have voted for you. Understand their aspirations and make it yours to.

Integrity and credibility is earned not bought. It is bestowed upon you much like the Sultans bestowing Datukship on his loyal subjects but without the kautim bit. Without the “I scratch your back you scratch mine" bit.  

It is seeked by many and bestowed upon so few. 

One Malay that has it is Dato Onn Jaafar. A Chinese would be Tan Sri Dr David Tan Chee Koon nicknamed Mr opposition. An Indian that has it would be that illustrious son from Sungai Siput….no not that guy…..the other one, Tun VT Sambanthan.

Some politicians will swear their alligience to it but it is in the practice of it that they falter. Some will use it as an excuse to deride and shame political opponents but the people will know better. We want our leaders to be people we can believe in. We want our leaders to do what they say they will do in the name of good governance. Politicians with integrity and credibility will rule our country with our permission and support. We expect nothing less of our leaders. 

And so for this election, as in 2008, it is the people that will decide. All the pundits and experts will have their theories and strategies on how to win the peoples vote. This issues and that issue. Tell the people that you will lower the cost of petrol and sugar and they will vote for you. Promise the Malays Ketuanan Melayu. Promise the Indians that there will not be an Indian living in poverty by 2015. Guarantee the Malaysian Chinese who have migrated that they will be given dual citizenship if they return. Promise Sabah and Sarawak anything you want….but you and I know that the people have had enough of being lied to. Anyway….you politicians better have integrity and credibility or it is the highway for you


  1. Truly Great Leader:

    *Someone who brings out the best in you

    *Someone you can learn from

    *Someone you can respect for who they are

    *Someone who genuinely cares about your
    success and growth

  2. Are we dreaming? maybe in the next 100 years to come..these animals here do not understand these high sounding WORDS!