Sunday 2 January 2011


Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse, by one person against another person without that person's consent.

“Without that person’s consent”…..does that not sound familiar? The Rakyat have had many things done upon us without our consent. The appointment of a State Secretary done without the consent of the MB of the State he is to serve under. For the parents of Aminulrasyid the murder of their 14 year old son by Corporal Jenain Subi under the employment of PDRM. For A. Kugan he did not consent to being bludgeon to death by a blunt instrument. For Teoh Beng Hock his son, born after his murder, did not consent to the manner MACC took his father into custody, and then caused in a manner still to be determined, the death of his father.

But these were all done within the boundary of our country. Within the confines of what we call home, to our own people and to be stoically endured and suffered in silence by everyone of us simply because we have a government that see nothing wrong in having it’s Police murder suspect in custody, nothing wrong in using the Judiciary as a tool to promote its own political agenda, and a government that will use each and every means at its disposal and will claim, as its right, to do anything in as long as the means justifies their ends.          

But what happens when the means employed by this Barisan Government to protect its vested interests requires it to dismiss/ignore a crime perpetuated by a Malaysian,upon the citizen of another country? What happens when a Senior Minister of this Barisan Nasional government is the perpetrator of that crime?

                Alleged rape by “Senior Minister” of this Indonesian Maid!

This Barisan Nasional government operates on the premise that in as far as the people are concern, “No news is Good News!” In as long as their media, their television and their spin machine are able to deny that there is an elephant in the room – then there is no elephant! Never mind that the incident has become common fodder for conversation within the diplomatic enclave in Malaysia if not Asia. Never mind that Tenaganita has made it their cause celebre to pursue this matter no matter what. Never mind that Harakahdaily has broken the story to make it THE STORY to start 2011 with. A rape that took place in 2007 within Malaysia can be managed within the confines of Malaysia in as long as Barisan Nasional hasd the political will to do so.

But methinks Barisan Nasional  political will to protect the Senior Minister in this rape case has began to waver. Jakarta has begun to ask questions. The Indonesians can be ignored at your own peril. They are quick to anger especially when they feel that one of their own have been treated unfairly in Malaysia. I think we would have to agree with the Indonesians that sexual assault against an Indonesian maid without their consent can be constituted as “unfair treatment” …as are beatings and scalding of Indonesian maids with hot water and iron have been so treated in the recent past.

Barisan Nasional has no control over what happens in Jakarta. The rape of Robengah by a Senior Government Minister – who is still in cabinet – will now assume proportions of being an international incident that will embarrass the Barisan Nasional government. That will happen when the Indonesian President, Susilo Banbang Yudhoyono, wades into the affair (as he has done previously in Indonesian maids tortured by employers in Saudi Arabia) and ask that the Barisan Nasional government investigate this inappropriate violation of an Indonesian citizen by a Senior Minister of the Barisan Nasional government. At this time we can confidently presume that the “s-h-t has hit the fan”.    

For Najib it is one thing to stonewall a potentially volatile incident when he has control over all things within Malaysia. We have seen this happen with Altantuya, PKFZ, fraud and money politics in government too many times – but when the President of Indonesia and the Indonesian people are agitating for answer as to why a Senior Minister in the Barisan Nasional government has not been brought to justice for a rape committed years ago on one of their own – it would be interesting to see how Najib get out of this situation.

Will he throw this Minister to the wolves and use this opportunity to demonstrate his commitment to doing what is right –albeit much too late. Or will this Minister be able to call upon favors of old and somehow seek exile in a far far away land and beguile his retirement away in luxury and comfort with our money? Anyway you look at it you can be assured that within UMNO when push comes to shove, a member is expandable when what he does threatens the possibility of victory in an election....any election. This Minister is dead meat!  

We wait and see.  


"Kakak Saya Diperkosa Majikannya Pak Menteri Beberapa Kali. Hingga Satu Hari , Kuasa Allah Perbuatan Kejinya Itu Telah Terlihat Oleh Datin Isterinya..

“Kakak saya telah diperkosa oleh majikannya Pak Menteri beberapa kali. Hingga satu hari tanggal 19/02/07, kuasa Allah perbuatan kejinya itu telah terlihat oleh Datin isterinya yang sangat baik melayan semua pembantu rumah. Datin telah hantar kakak saya pulang ke Indonesia keesokannya, tanggal 20/02/07,”

“Tolong kami Pak. Bersihkan kehormatan wanita Indonesia yang mencari rezeki buat anak-anak yang sekolah. Apakah memperkosa pembantu rumah pekerja asing yang tak bisa baca dan tak bisa tulis, adalah satu budaya orang kenamaan di Malaysia,”

“Kakak saya akan ceritakan segala-galanya. Saya sertakan foto majikannya bersama kakak saya yang berdiri disebelahnya bersama pembantu rumah yang lain dan Datin isterinya,”

“Tolong bapak rahsiakan alamat kakak saya kerana Pak Menteri itu punya banyak wang dan kenalan di Indonesia. Khuatir nanti keluarga kakak saya akan diapa-apakan seperti kasus Altantuya di Malaysia,”


Elegant silence on rape claim — The Malaysian Insider

January 02, 2011




  3. How to take action if the Head is of the same character. Only in Malaysia can this happened.

  4. Correct me if I am wrong, in Islam raped is punishable by death by stonning and can this happens in Malaysia, Altantuya Masih Hidup

  5. ...far away land and beguile his retirement away in luxury and comfort with our money?
    this have been happening since 53 years ago under bn umno rule. many were given extras for their luxury and comfort lifestyles with our money, either to keep them quiet, or whatever agreement they've make.
    rakyat are slowly beginning to feel the pinch with their finances after many years under their rule, yet this so call leaders are enjoying their lifestyles with expensive supercars, superbikes, yatchs, castles, vacations, weddings and so on.

  6. It's quite OK...a simulated rape by a pseudo-intellectual...imagine the mamat's face while he was bonking the maid..the profound look..the creased forehead..the blinking eyes..the high language..the high-cultured positions...kalau sakai tu tetap juga sakai

  7. so wat happen lah
    RICE YATIM ???told u so dont playplay lah with 2 headed snake (top pet of MAMAK mahatai)ROCKY 2HEADED BRU.why u nlapor him to the police now all the mamak kutty gang will be out $ your blood.go lah run far far b4 THE SHIT REALLY HIT THE FAN hahahaha another top seller compliments of the gomen of bolehland

  8. Rice yatim, you better change
    your 'mode' fast otherwise your
    rice will be overcooked 'hangus'


  9. Two possibilities; the victim withdrew her complaint (because of $$$ or threats) or she disappear totally (C4 missing again).

  10. I am shocked that this is the alleged perpetrator. I taught his two younger sons in an international school some years ago and met him and his wife on a number of occasions. I found him to be cultured and well spoken and until he turned back to UMNO, I hoped he might one day be PM. Just goes to show how the wolf can hide so well in sheeps clothing. I feel very bad for his wife.

  11. Shld sent this bald-headed cockroach rice yatim to the PDRM for questioning just like other OKT (Orang kena tangkap). Let the PDRM bash him up so that his face will become a flattened cockroach.

    I wish I can slap his coackroach-looking face....geram aje!!!

    he should be stripped naked during PDRM questioning and gantung lah dia punya kotek kuat2 dengan tali.

    bangsat punya menteri.

    katak ibrahim ali, JAKIM, JAIS, jakun and the perkasa gang senyap sunyi aje. kalau orang bukan BN yang jadi perogol, bukan main mereka rioh sekampung.

    babi betul si yatim tu. Biar dia di hentak mati dan mampus lah. Biar anak pompuan dia di rogol orang lain...barulah dia boleh rasa sendiri.

    ikan tongkol

  12. Pak Rais Yatim being the son or grandson of a Sumataran immigrant should be send back to the home of his forefathers to be tried for rape.

    The people in Kg. Gagu, Jelebu are talking about their most favoured son's sexual escapade.

    I am ashame Pak Hussein, for my grandfather also originates from that same kampung. Malu den......

  13. There will be more to be revealed once PR took over, but you have to make the decision first. Otherwise, do not blame anybody. UtterlyManipulatingNationalObligation ByAbusingRakyat'sUrbanity together with the MalaysianChineaseAssociate and MalaysianIndianCohort leading to a BankruptNation.
    They are just a bunch of rotten employees of You and Me.So, get them sacked. YES!

  14. Alllah ini semua biasa sahaja. Rogol, curi, colek. bunuh, bakar, bam C4. Semuanya cara barisan naisional.