Wednesday 19 January 2011

Our Prime Minister lies!

                                                     Lies! Lies! Lies!

That our Prime Minister can stand in front of a National audience and say that his government is committed to creating a balanced society to ensure that each individual in the country enjoyed the fruits of the country’s prosperity are just Lies! Was it not Muhyiddin, his deputy who pronounced that he is a Malay first and then a Malaysian second? And then another Monster....errr I mean Minister, Nazri announced that he was a Malaysian first and a Malay second. Was it not his cousin and Minister, that Din guy (who has since become a good and quite boy) who almost declared war on the other races by drawing and kissing a Kris at an UMNO Youth assembly?  How Najib can stand in front of us and lie through his teeth just so that he can be seen to be saying the right things for public consumption is beyond me. Do not be fooled by his rhetoric.

“We want to ensure that everyone could benefit from the country’s prosperity. We must help those who are less fortunate, we must be sensitive to the plight of those who live in hardship, suffering from stress, family problems and those who are poor, so that the country’s prosperity is not only enjoyed merely by the rich,” Najib said.

The audacity of this man to do this while UMNO, the party he is President of, continues to demand “Ketuanan Melayu” and himself, his cabinet and his party simply refuses to be held accountable for the rape and pillage of our country resources is laughable if not for the suffering and the pain they have inflict on this once great nation of ours. But he did get something right – the country’s prosperity is enjoyed merely by the rich – and the UMNO rich at that!

To quote Najib again he said: “Just mention any social group, there is none that is excluded from the ministry. From issues pertaining to children, women affairs, planning efforts to improve the well-being of the disabled group, family problems right up to improving infrastructure for and access to health facilities for the senior citizens, providing adequate protection homes and their active involvement in the country’s social and economic activities”. 
OK let me try to mention a few.
  • What about the rape of Penans by Loggers?
  • What about how PDRM treat their women suspects – asking them to squat etc.
  • What about how the disabled are struggling to find food to keep themselves alive. Here in Malaysia you don’t work you die. What social welfare provides for the disabled and the poor is not enough to keep them alive for a week.
  • Health facilities? Go to the General Hospital in KL and see the misery of patients in the third class wards and then go and see the Royal wards – compare them and ask yourself if this is fair.
  • Senior citizens? These are most ignored group of human beings in Malaysia. There are no support systems in place to care for them.

“The issues championed by the ministry transcend various sectors and stages. In short, the ministry encompasses everything ‘from cradle to grave’,” he said.

O.M.G. Oh My God….how does Najib have the gumption to claim that the  Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development  encompasses everything from “cradle to grave”. Either he is living in cuckoo land or hears but does not listen or his eyes are open but they do not see. Is there a welfare system in place in our country that takes care of you from cradle to grave? NO. Is there a place you can seek help from when you do not have enough to eat? NO. Will the government bury you if you die a pauper? HUH? NO! So please Mister Prime Minister there is no “cradle to grave” care in this country – as much as you might want to think that there is – THERE IS NO CRADLE TO GRAVE CARE!..tak ada, elek!

Even the speakers at Speakers Corner in London Hyde Park are not allowed to say anything they like without someone in the crowd keeping him honest. Here in Malaysia these Leaders of ours spout words of much color amidst thunder and lightening but without substance. They say empty vessels makes the most noise…..well I can testify that this UMNO President can give them a run for their money. I say that empty UMNO vessels make the most noise….more noise then any other empty ones! God help our country for Najib and UMNO surely will not!


  1. Yes, Najib as PM is a liar. He dares not face the court on the Mongolian issue and he is also a chicken as he allows his big Mama in Rosmah to get into running the government.
    Pity negara ku!
    Pm kaki tipu
    Selalu kena duku
    oleh big mama bini mu
    Altantuya Sharibu
    Najib mesti tahu
    sama ada banyak bulu
    Jadi Pm kutip komisyen selalu
    Jangan ingat rakyat tak tahu
    Aduh! macam ini mampus lah pemimpin Melayu.

  2. If the pm is a liar what hope is there for Malaysia?Dammed this pukis in umno, and those barisan dogs who only knows too well of this Pm lies!

  3. You are absolutely RIGHT, Najis is a Serial LIAR.

    Is he keeping up with the 21st century that with the proliferation of ICT[InfoComm Technology], whatever he utter is easily capture thru videocam,recorder,print n even with a cheap digital camera?

  4. in the first place, me and others were not given a choice to vote for our future "pm" to lead this beautiful malaysia. nak tak nak, out of 18 to 22 million rakyat, after minus the childrens and infants, he became "pm" from 3 mil of his party supporters. probably the supporters could be only a million or less. so what happen to the 14 to 19 million rakyat that did not put him there. same goes to the rest of our so call ex "pm", except for tunku. some malaysians, will always remember his famous phrase... "to bath the keris with chinese blood".

    malaysians have been fooled by their tricks and agendas for the last 54 years. they have created disunity among the rakyat for their own self interest. sayangnya, minda pemikiran supporters diaorang masih mentah dan cetek. jika berlakunya kekecohan, siapa yang untung dan siapa yang rugi. yang di atas, hanya melihat, yang di bawah, mati katak. yang menderita, anakbini dan orang tua sendiri. yang si atas, masih boleh melihat, beristherat, berjoget, melancong, ketawa, berbelanja sesuka hati dll. yang diperbodohkan, kamu sendiri kerna tidak berfikir dan buka mata.

  5. The PM Najib has no choice but to say something eventhough they are full of SHIT. What do you expect from the BN?

  6. Listening to him , i feel slapping him hard. He is like a shameless liar.

    I believe he read from the script written by APCO. Just like his response to Anwar's challenege to a debate after many days.

  7. even the 4th PM lied to his skin when he said anwar black eye was self inflicted. what happened then? the whole world was told it was the igp who inflicted the famous black eye to anwar. lies lies lies correct correct correct

  8. One of the main reasons why UMNO leaders can lie with such impunity is because since Merdeka, 'special position' of the Malays (Article 153) has become 'special rights' which in turn has become 'Ketuanan Melayu'.

  9. Malaysians lie. They lie to save face, they lie to cover their insecurities, they lie because they are afraid of the truth. They lie because their whole society is a delusion based on denial.

    How can you expect the PM to be any different

  10. Malaysians lie. They lie to save face, they lie to cover their insecurities, they lie because they are afraid of the truth. They lie because their whole society is a delusion based on denial.

    How can you expect the PM to be any different

  11. Read between the line la Sein. Don't be that naive stupid old man mate. Nothing in this world is 50-50

  12. Without that article 153 you would not have seen the light of Adelaide.

  13. The wrath of GOD has hit Australia.....beware Sein!

  14. Hello,

    Just to share this...

    With APNO who has Jibby by the "Orbs/Juglars" he is "Beholden" to their "Bankrupt the nation & Chaos" agenda...

    Tunisia: A Digitally-Driven, Leaderless Revolution - DK Matai, mi2g | Jan. 18, 2011, 2:17 PM Read more - Read more -

    Revolution in The Air

    •World watches nervously as protests bring down a government and force its longstanding leader into exile.

    •Out of control food inflation becomes an accelerant to smouldering discontent >>

    •Spark of the first few food and anti-corruption riots flickers out of control >>

    Tunisian President's Wife Leila Trabelsi Fled Country With 1.5 Tons Of Gold -

    "Trabelsi and her gold joined Ali in exile in Saudi Arabia.

    Known as the Tunisian Marie Antoinette, Trabelsi lived an opulent and corrupt lifestyle (see: yachts and pet tigers) that helped spur popular outrage." Unquote.

    Read more -

    Could we see this in East Malaysia & also in Bolehland soon?

    Who knows...

    You be the judge.


  15. to Malaysian ministers, when you can't work, you're useless. that applies to the sick, disable and elderly. what a wonderful place we live in.

  16. Friends I like this comment on this article in MT - short and straight to the point:

    written by z3_demarco, January 20, 2011 09:18:01
    "he hamsup la"