Tuesday 4 January 2011

Cakap cakap....Common sense!

Let us not talk about a constitutional crisis in Selangor precipitated by the Chief Secretary to the Government by his arbitrary appointment of the State Secretary. Let us not talk about amending the State Constitution so that the state can take back the power to appoint the top three civil servants. Some even insists that Khursin’s appointment violated the nation’s founding principles.

Let us instead just use our common sense.

Common sense will tell you that you cannot appoint a State Secretary that cannot work with the MB. To appoint a State Secretary the sensible thing to do would be first to go and talk with the MB of the State and then once the MB says OK  -  go and see the Sultan and inform him of the decision. Of course there have been instances where the Sultan have asked for the MB of a State to be removed – but those days are gone. These days the Sultan will do as told.

Now why Najib and the Chief Secretary to the Government could not work this out is very perplexing. If they could not resolve this simple issue how can Najib govern our country well?

Do these BN leaders have so much free time to just sit around devising ways of how to hantam Khalid and Selangor because it is in the hands of Pakatan Rakyat? I can just imagine some smart-ass UMNO or BN guy eagerly coming up to bodek Najib with this plan of putting Khalid into an uncomfortable situation. Now how Najib is stupid enough to play ball to this stupid idea in the first place does makes us worry for his sanity and ability to think clearly and rationally. Even a taxi driver and the Mak Chik selling Nasi lemak will tell Najib what he should have done.

So tell me Najib why did you do it? The same question I want to ask as to why you appointed Isa to head Felda? Rahim Thambi Chik to head Risda. And God knows what else is on your mind …..are you bringing back JJ to head anything? 

And Samy Velu is now galavanting around India trying to get jobs for Malaysian contractors…he must feel like a kid in a candy store.

We all know why Rosmah have you on a very tight rein. She knows only too well what you have been up to before you married her and after you married her. So now days you do not get to go places where you can be naughty by yourself! She is there to keep you honest. So you know yourself the necessity of keeping temptations away from those that can be tempted. So please use some common sense when you appoint people to high public office where they are able to get themselves into all sorts of mischief – of the sexual and financial kind. So be a good boy and use some common sense in your decision-making.


  1. Beware, often ideas that may be considered to be true by common sense are in fact false. Good sense is better than common sense which is sometimes translated as no sense or doesn't make sense.

  2. Coomon Sense in Malaysia? kidding kidding..Malaysia is just a country with no sense

  3. The truth is Najib is unfit to be PM.
    Or else sack the KSN for being stupid and I know Najib will not do it as he will basuh tangan and main wayang kulit.
    Just kick them out next GE.FOCUS GE13!

  4. I takes a thief to talk about a thief