Thursday 6 January 2011

Cakap cakap .....moving forward with Pakatan Rakyat.

With all due respect to the leaders of Pakatan Rakyat please get your house in order. Be like the swan gliding serenely across the lake – but we know that its feet are working furiously underneath the surface of the water to keep it moving. It would be of benefit to Pakatan Rakyat if you will walk softly but carry a big stick to punish Barisan Nasional for the suffering they have inflicted upon us all. Keep your quarrels and your arguments within the four walls of Pakatan Rakyat and go on with the business of being a government in waiting with decorum and a calmness that can give us confidence and a belief in your ability to offer an alternative to Barisan Nasional –a deceitful and corrupt government that is now running our country into the ground.

Everyday, if not every week there are endless tales of petty bickering amongst you all. There are  personal vendetta amongst Pakatan Rakyat leaders at all levels, which do nothing else but damage what integrity and decency that you have left in our eyes. And now this PAS discussion with UMNO – surely there is no need to carry a public debate about this to?

Let me tell PR in a language that they can understand. Each time you do one or any of the above – you lose votes. You lose votes from people who are prepared to give Pakatan Rakyat a chance at government. You lose votes from people who are trying to make up their mind as to whether they should or should not vote Pakatan Rakyat – and more critical, each vote that you lose, Barisan Nasional are gifted with that vote.

We do not want PKR to write a 45 page show cause letter to Gobalakrishnan. We do not want to hear about the troubles brewing in PKR Sabah or Sarawak and we certainly are fed up with the situation re the appointment of the State Secretary for Selangor. You do not have to bore us with the legal arguments, with the “he said, I said” charade, with the whining about Barsian Nasional’s constant attacks on the state government that you control. Just go and deal with the situation. That is your job. Just as it is Barisan Nasional’s job to make life as difficult as they can for Pakatan Rakyat.

You do not have to tell me that Ibrahim Ali is a bigot. Not only do I know he is a bigot I also know that he is a racist, an opportunist and since he looks like a frog, hops around like one – then he must be a frog too! You do not have to tell me about all the abuses and scams by those in high public office. I know about that too. Money Politics, nepotism…all these are cerita lama. Leave it to us bloggers to do the necessary. Even the Minister raping his Indonesian maid is already last week news.

Tell us about Pakatan Rakyat line up in an alternative government after the 13th GE. Who amongst you will be PM, DPM, Ministers in the Cabinet? Who amongst you will be considered for high public office? How do you intend to achieve these things:

1) Transparent and genuine democracy
2) Driving a high performance, sustainable and      
    equitable economy
3) Social justice and human development

What will you do about corruption, nepotism and money politics? What are your plans for the economy? Your foreign policy? These are the things we want to know.        

The time for Pakatan Rakyat to be ready for the 13th GE is long past gone and you are still not ready – and if you think you are – we know you are not! Look at what trouble UMNO can create by just inviting PAS to attend a dinner! It worries me what UMNO can and will do once they declare it is open season to hunt down PR by announcing the date for the 13th GE.

Watch your own people, your own MP’s. Learn from Rosmah. Do you think she will allow Najib to go to Washington by himself with that Raba Raba guy around? No way! She will be in Washington by Najib’s side 24/7, holding his hands if necessary and never ever letting him out of her sight. Do the same with your people. Barisan Nasional have deep pockets full of Ringgits! Trust those that are with you but verify their commitment to your cause and do not allow temptation lead your MP’s astray.

We are too close to the 13th GE for any stuff up by PR or any of its coalition partners. Too close to the 13 GE for any promises made by your leaders to be not kept and any trust we place in you to be  abused. We want assurance that our expectations and hope for our country and our future will be met. The voters will not take kindly to instances of greed or avarice from within PR – this is that domain of UMNO and BN. No sex scandals. No misuse of party funds. No deserving help required by the people must be ignored. Go help the Indians living in poverty now. Help the rural Malays and the Chinese living in and around the urban areas and give them hope for a better future under PR.

No delusion of grandeur from PR leaders. We know that both sides of politics use race and religion with impunity to advance their cause – we want Pakatan Rakyat to do that to but in a positive way. Do not ask for crosses to be removed when DSAI visits any churches. Make sure Guan Eng is suitably attired if he chooses to go to a mosque.  Do not talk of any high moral purpose if you cannot deliver and let not good judgement desert you, as it will from time to time. Have that indifference to the taunts of Barisan Nasion politicians who will bait you to make you stumble politically. Do not be corrupted by the possibility of holding power. 

We will call a crook a crook. We will not call them Yang Berhormat, Dato, Tan Sri or Tun. If someone lies do not say he tells untruths or he is being economical with the truth. Just call him a liar. Never ever under estimate Najib. He is a crook and a liar.

Najib uses our money to make his friends and cronies very rich by giving outrageous commissions for services NOT rendered to our country. He spends our money to ‘persuade’ voters to elect Barisan Nasional candidate. He pays RM$70 million to a foreign spin-doctor to try and make what his government does look good. For doing all this and more he is a crook because he abuses the trust we have place in him as our Prime Minister.

He is a liar for making promises he could not keep to make his government an open and honest government. There has been too many cover-ups and white wash. Police killing suspects in their custody; financial mismanagement running into the billions and the lists goes on.

We cannot have a Prime Minister we cannot trust.

Can we trust Pakatan Rakyat? Yes we all want change. We will fight for change and change must come – but change to what? Even now the scrutiny of our leaders by the people are ruthless. We will not allow you to harvest our hopes and have our hopes in politics disappointed when you have government.

For many Pakatan Rakyat leaders it will be a question of courage. Courage now and courage later. Courage now to hold on to your convictions and stand your ground. Why must Khalid attend the swearing in ceremony of Kurshin if he is of the opinion that the SS appointment is flawed? Courage to stand in front of us  with your promise of good government and courage to stand in front of us again after a few years in government and surrender yourself to our judgement. We will not suffer leaders who failed us gladly.    


  1. Sir, i am with you here. You are spot-on.

  2. Imagine you are a swan gliding serenely across the beautiful lake not knowing to you there are crocodiles and alligators beneath.

  3. Too late. PR leaders have become big headed and lost the plot. They will be trounced by BN come GE13.