Tuesday 25 January 2011

cakap I see it.

I know, you know, they know. Everyone knows that while UMNO is ready to go into the 13GE with all guns blazing, Pakatan Rakyat is now finding itself in unfamiliar territory. Bereft of any sense of real solidarity within its ranks and the shifting of sands on the very ground that they now stand, PR now faces a Rakyat that questions their increasingly fragile claim to being the legitimate alternative to the BN government.

Pakatan Rakyat entry into national politics has been much too easy. And that which is won too easily can also be too easily lost. Sadly the euphoria of the 12th GE has not been galvanized into solid gains for PR in the realm where it matters – into the potential of getting votes from the people for the next general election. What should have been a dream run into the 13th GE to ensure final victory and government for PR has now turn into a logistical and political nightmare for PR with all it attendant problems and systematic loss of popular support from the very people that voted for them in the 12th GE. UMNO has steadily reinforce its electioneering capabilities to prepare itself for the coming GE. PR with the notable exception of Penang, has been resting on its laurel’s. PR was content to basks in the after glow of its breathtaking victory in the 12th GE  - and now it is faced with its nemeses - UMNO. The 13th GE is almost upon them. They now have to face UMNO again in battle–UMNO is ready, PR is not.

We the people of Malaysia are witness to these two political adversaries now circling each other to see who will win this battle. We watch to see which of them will have our votes and which will have our commiserations. There are, of course, the faithful and die hard for both sides whose mind are already made up no matter what–but it is us, the voters, who will deliver the critical mass to ensure victory.

And what do this critical mass want?

  • Leaders they can trust.                    For sure.
  • Leaders who will inspire.                  For sure.
  • Good Governance.                          For sure.
  • The dawn of a new and Invigorated 
  • Malaysia where we are all one 
  • people in thoughts, aspirations 
  • and in fact?                                   For sure.

And there are many other things we want and need but that can all wait. For we need good, honest and trustworthy leaders first – once we have them, all else will surely follow.

And where are these leaders? Where can we find them? Not Malay leaders, not Chinese not Indians. Not Kadazan, not Ibans not Dayaks. No we want leaders who are Malaysians in thoughts and in deeds.  If Najib or Anwar can be this Malaysian leader that we seek then they will lead their party to victory and they will have our votes. They are both trying but the dynamics that interplay within themselves and without has not made it possible for either of them to claim the mantle of being this Malaysian leader – at least not yet. The perception is that they both need to do more.

Then who else?

Hard to say really. For now there are only these two on stage shadow boxing with each other. Both unable to grasp the illusive and intangible wants of the rakyat. Both unable to give themselves totally to the needs of the people. Both their past in politics raising more questions then answers. Even now their past seems to accentuate their weaknesses rather then reinforce their strengths. Their past is history and yet they cannot each draw much strength from their history. Much as they want to they both cannot break from their past to move into the present and prepare themselves for the future that will come. So what then for our country? Is all lost?

The answer will lie in the wisdom of the people. It will lie in the wisdom of Najib and DSAI to do what they must if either of them is to become our Leader.

For Najib he has to make happen what he said he would do. 1Malaysia, ETP etc - all this must not just be words that are spoken because he knows that is what the people want to hear. It must also be what BN/UMNO wants in the truest sense of the word. Make it happen and the people will vote for you.

For DSAI he must be the force for hope and change that he has promised us all that he will be. Break free from the limitations of party politics and factionalism and petty self interests. Discard your comfort levels. You want to lead the nation not just PKR. If you want to lead the nation then you must take yourself to a place where you put the people and country interest above all else. Do this and the people will come and be with you – and they will give you their votes.

The others are merely players and a supporting cast to these two combatants.  And yet when all is said and done, it is the supporting cast, it is us, that will decide which of these two will win. So they have to take note of this reality. The people will decide. Ignore the people at your own peril. Either of you might choose to masses as you busy yourself with the task of surviving politically.  Either of you will, at the end of the day, go back to the comforts of your palatial homes and bosom of your loving family to recoup and ready yourself for another bruising day of politicking the next day. While you are cocooned in your own comfort zone spare a thought for the people for whom putting food on the table for the family dinner is a daily struggle. For those people who have to face the uncertain future to earn a decent living and for the people who do not want to face another tomorrow because there is no hope for a better day no matter what they do.

For these are the people that will vote for you in the numbers you need to ensure victory. These are the people who will make the difference. And when you do….maybe….just maybe you will start to understand that winning and losing the GE is in the hands of Malaysians who wants real change. No corruption, no nepotism, no deceit, no jobs for the boys and for cronies. The people of Malaysia want accountability, responsibility and transparency in government. Give us that hope and you will have our votes. No more, no less. We Malaysian are all faced with the same decision–who will govern us after the 13th GE. We should face it together. You are one, with me we are two.


  1. PR lost the momentum way back. Come GE13, they will lose Selangor and Kedah.

  2. With DAP & PAS I have no worry. They are battle harden and are stable being in the political arena for so long.

    PKR is an upstart still smarting from the euphoria of their unexpected win in GE12. They live in the dream that the Popularity of their party and the support of the Rakyat.

    As such there will be friction when it comes to seat allocation to contest in Federal & State constituencies.

    PKR will want to grap as many Urban & Mixed seats which was traditionally contest by DAP since the 60s.

  3. If every law was enforced ruthlessly
    - we would have heaven on earth and
    - unjust laws would quickly be repealed (attributed to Tryon Edwards or Theodore Roosevelt).

    For this, the enforcers of all sorts must first be held to account.

    I see that the cybertroopers are getting increasingly desperate.

  4. On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest. NR for Najib Razak, AI for Anwar Ibrahim and NA for Nik Aziz.

    NR AI NA Good 3 5 7

    Honest 2 6 10

    Trustworthy 1 6 10

    Inspire 6 9 5

    Good Governance 3 6 9

    Able to grasp
    the wants of
    the rakyat 6 7 5

    Able to give
    totally to the
    needs of the
    rakyat 1 5 8

    No question of
    their past
    in politics 2 4 8

    Put the people
    and country
    interest above
    all else 3 6 8

    No comforts of
    palatial homes 1 5 9

    Spare a thought
    for the people
    for whom putting
    food on the table
    for the family
    dinner is a
    daily struggle 3 6 8

    No corruption 2 6 9

    No nepotism 3 6 9

    No deceit 2 6 9

    No jobs for the
    boys and for
    cronies 1 6 9

    Accountability 3 8 8

    Responsibility 5 8 9

    Transparency in
    Government 2 7 9

    Total Score 49 111 149
    27% 62% 83%

  5. I believe we have got a few credible candidate from PAS,of course Nik Aziz should win hand down compared to others but like i said we have a few more in PAS who has got the charisma and wisdom that take to be a leader.Just give PR the vote.Inshaalah.

  6. "For Najib he has to make happen what he said he would do. 1Malaysia, ETP etc ".

    1Malaysia, in its true meaningful sense, yes. But ETP? Too much loopholes for cronyism to flourish even more. If only Najib could just make one promise for his first rakyat mandated full term of office and implement it wholeheartedly..that would go a long way towards healing this country economically, socially and politically. That is the promise of to weed out corruption backed by an MACC answerable to the People (Parliament), a reformed PDRM, a Justice system with AG to be subject to confirmation of Parliament. That would be enough to save a lot for now. After all didn't the Auditor General said RM28 Billion went up in smoke in one year? You don't need a grandiose smokescreen like the ETP!

  7. I m chinese. I trust PAS the most. The can have my vote anytime. PKR is the one I dont trust.