Wednesday 5 January 2011

cakap cakap...a comment.

written by BAYANGKARA, January 04, 2011 16:04:35

For a long time, I have been pondering over the psyche or mental make-up of the Malay race. Are they too quick to let anger to the head and, therefore, more prone to violent reactions, especially when they perceive a slight to their race and religion? Not only that but also even an accidental affront to their person or property?

I have witnessed countless normal day-to-day incidents which would incite anger and violent reactions. I grew up with the notion that if you accidentally hit a Malay person, don't stop but drive to the nearest police station or you lose your limb or life to an angry mob. I am sure most of you do remember being told this time and again.

Recently, I was with a friend who was driving. While parking his car he brushed a parked motor cycle which fell but there was virtually no damage. Even after my friend apologized, the Malay guy gave a huge kick to the side of the car, causing a big dent. It would have been worse, if it involved a Mat Rempit (you can read all about it in the news). Incidents like this make living in Malaysia so precarious and uncertain.

On the other hand, you have the UMNO politicians who are cold and calculating enough to want to trigger a May 13. Many of them, including Najis, our so called national leader, have publicly said blood would flow if UMNO lost a GE. They will stop at nothing to hang on to power. Do they care about the consequences to the country and the people? No.

They are the authors and actors in the never ending corruption, scandals, rapes, murders, abuse of power and assaults on the democratic institutions. Do they care about the country's image? No .
Do they really care about the people? No.
What have they improved on or changed for the better since the GE12 tsunami? Nothing.
They just want the status quo to remain by any means so that they can continue to rape and pillage.
So, expect another May 13. 

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